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veg plot

I think it’s safe to say that my veg plot is a bit of a disgrace this year. Not just the bolted lettuce – that could happen to anyone – or the fact that my onions, which have never given me a moment’s trouble in the past few growing seasons, decided this year to just fall over, those that didn’t bolt. No, it’s the fact that everywhere is practically knee deep in weeds and I don’t even have the excuse that we’ve been away – just busy. I did have a bit of a blitz yesterday after taking this picture but it didn’t make much of an impression. What the garden needs is a regular hour a day most days and what with one thing an another it hasn’t really been getting it.

Despite that, it’s been the sort of summer where the stuff just keeps coming out of the ground anyway – in fact, one of the things I’m getting behind on is keeping on top of the picking. Normally I get precisely half a meal of French beans but because it’s been warm we’ve had masses; I’ve already had to freeze some of them and I know there’s loads more up there growing enormous. The mangetout doesn’t seem inclined to stop at all, there are at least ten rather large gem squashes coming through, the leeks are looking pretty good, although I really must space them out a bit more, there’s garlic lurking somewhere that I must dig up before it disappears, and we haven’t even got half way through our first early potatoes, let alone the seconds. There’s more kale than even the caterpillars can manage and even the sweetcorn has finally decided to develop some cobs, although it’s cutting things rather fine. Even the mice haven’t (yet) discovered the beetroot.

In short, what my garden is trying to tell me is that what I produce has got very little to do with my skill and diligence as a gardener – and everything to do with the weather. Ah well. At least we get some delicious veg out of it, along with my helping of humble pie…


4 Responses to Plenty more

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    You think that’s bad, you should see our jungle. A couple of weeks away and it has gone feral.

  2. Flighty says:

    Do an hour a day regularly and you’ll find that there’ll be days where you won’t need to do an hour. It really is worth trying! xx

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