Supermarket Salad: an Apology

Hmmm. I have long been slightly suspicious of the strange longevity of those bags of supermarket salad. Whatever their sell-by date, they have a way of sitting in the fridge for a week looking far more chipper than they’ve any right to be given that they’re basically dead leaves in a bag. I have been known to mutter about chlorine and gas and other unpleasant chemicals, and look forward to the summer when we could eat our lovely and entirely unadulterated salad leaves freshly picked from the garden.

And then with the other half having to go to work at some ungodly hour in the morning, and needing salad for his lunch, and me not being willing to go up to the garden in my dressing gown to pick it for him (I know, what kind of a wife am I?) we had to find some way of making the salad keep fresh for a bit longer after picking it. And that’s when we discovered that if you pick it and wash it and spin it and put it in a bag in the fridge with a bit of damp kitchen roll, home grown salad keeps for an unfeasibly long time as well and no chemicals* needed.

So there you go. Supermarket salad is innocent. They’ll be telling us there’s no horsemeat in our burgers next…

*Unless you count H2O.

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