No Sh*t Sherlock

I suppose, in the ranks of unexpected events, ‘the weather getting colder in September’ doesn’t really cut it, it being the start of autumn and us living in Scotland and everything. And yet, it seems to have caught me somewhat by surprise this year. Blame the fact that we actually had a summer and got a bit too used to walking around in – OK, not shorts and a t-shirt, let’s not go mad here, but just the one jumper and no thermals. And so we’ve not given much thought to such vital matters as getting the Rayburn lit until suddenly autumn arrived with a vengeance (it was 2°C this morning …) and it was well past time to ring up Rayburn man to book its semi-annual fettling and de-gunking so we can light it again. Incredibly, it appears we aren’t the only ones to want our main source of heat and comfort sorted out just as it gets cold and miserable because when I rang up yesterday, the earliest he could fit me in was October…

Fortunately five years of keeping in his good books: serving him our best coffee and chatting with him while he works (last time he visited I ended up giving him a twitter tutorial) has paid off. After he heard the dismay in my voice he managed to slot us in a bit earlier than October – although we will still have to wait until Monday before the kitchen will be restored to cosiness. I can’t wait. Having the Rayburn lit doesn’t quite make up for the end of summer – but at least we can look forward to soups and stews, and something warm to lean against while looking out at the rain…


11 Responses to No Sh*t Sherlock

  1. Bob says:

    I’m just a bit taken aback that it’s been “five years”. Oh my.

  2. Paul M says:

    We got our booking in for the chimney sweep for our wood-burning Rayburn in the spring – he is in much demand and groups together several appointments the same day in the same area. We had a chimney fire last year. Don’t want one of those again – we got in under control but my main fear was that if we had to call the fire brigade we would have been drowned in water and furniture and decorations ruined.

    If you want to see how the weather has gone downhill, take a look at this, our home weather station – from 27C down to 4C in ten days!

  3. disgruntled says:

    That sounds very organised of your sweep.

    I’m jealous of your online weather station now…

    • Paul M says:

      Yep – It means you can tell how much it is raining when you’re home, and how much the sun is shining at home when you’re away.

  4. As our ground source heat pump project digs in, we currently only have the Aga and the log burner for cosiness. We are very glad both were serviced and ready to roll.

  5. disgruntled says:

    That is extraordinarily well-organised and forward thinking of you

  6. Jenny says:

    Wow, I gather a ‘Rayburn’ is a form of oven/heater? There’s a job vacancy waiting where you live for a part-time Rayburn cum mobile coffee caravan person. When we cycled the four-day Rail Trail track in Otago here, I thought that a mobile caravan selling coffee would be an ideal sm business, but coupled with Rayburn technology a sell out business in your part of the woods.

  7. disgruntled says:

    Yup, Rayburn is a range cooker that also heats our kitchen (and can heat the water as well although ours doesn’t)

    Definitely agree about the mobile coffee caravan – we’re very short of good cafes to cycle to at weekends. I think the Rayburn fettling business is quite seasonal, although thinking about it it might combine well with the coffee selling…

  8. Max says:

    Five years? Wow!
    Does this mean you are gruntled again now?

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