Exciting news – the village speaks of nothing else – someone has been out with a can of yellow spray paint drawing lines around some of the the tarmac fairy‘s greatest work. Either Nearest Village is home to the world’s least imaginative graffiti artist, or they are about to properly patch our road – and I can’t help but notice that once again this happens in the run up to the next community council meeting. Perhaps we should go back to meeting monthly…

Unfortunately, the yellow paint runs out about half a mile from our house – and just before the road gets really rubbish. The optimist in me is hoping this is because they’re going to actually resurface that stretch of road. The pessimist in me wonders if that marks the spot where the budget runs out. The realist in me is considering going out and investing in a can of yellow spray paint…


6 Responses to Potholing

  1. Charles says:

    Buy some yellow paint, continue to mark the Tarmac fairy’s work up to your house. Who knows, god helps those that help themselves….

  2. Jenny says:

    Yes, I agree, in fact, a double circle around your own potholes should ensure they receive first attention. (As long as you don’t accidentally step in it, and incriminating footsteps led up to your own door).

  3. disgruntled says:

    That was my thinking. But they seem to have numbered the last pothole so presumably they know that’s where to stop…

  4. CJ says:

    Oh yes, definitely buy some yellow spray paint and knock yourself out.

  5. Survey paint for the win. I’ve done it and the pothole crew simply kept going to the end. I just made sure my markings were as amateurish as the originals (missing some obvious surface breakup and marking not quite a whole hole here and there).

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