Work in Progress

OK, so I have for once been sticking to my well-laid plan of working on the garden for an hour a day.* And in the spirit of keeping myself honest, here is the result of the first week

veg plot progress veg plot progress

I feel that my imaginary allotment committee – while still averting their eyes from the painful sight every time they pass – will be conceding over an imaginary cup of tea in their imaginary shed that the lass is at least putting in an effort, although time will tell whether she’ll keep it up and really she should have done the work in July not waited until everything was dying back in October.

It is slightly cheating because half of the cleared beds you can see was me digging up my spuds but I have also weeded the paths around them and done as thorough a job on the assorted couch grass, creeping buttercup, nettles and bindweed roots as I could. But at least when I was asked in the village this morning if I had lifted my tatties I could honestly say that I had done it over the weekend, as if I were some sort of organised gardener who does things at the right time and knows what she’s doing.

Maybe after another 5 years practice, I will be…

* the hour between 5 and 6 because I have an unhealthy attachment to PM on Radio 4 and yes I do arrange my entire life around the Radio 4 schedule (to the point of never cooking on Wednesdays or Fridays because of the Moral Maze and/or Any Questions) and your point is?


6 Responses to Work in Progress

  1. Can totally agree about radio 4 – there are so many tasks that I put on the list to do ‘when there’s a good afternoon play on’ and the making of crab apple and quince jelly tomorrow is dependent on Laurie Taylor, Steve Hewlett, and /or the quality of choral evensong (ok radio 3) .

  2. disgruntled says:

    I suppose I should get with the programme and work out how to listen to podcasts on my phone… but that would involve having it charged and finding my head phones…

  3. CJ says:

    I love PM and Radio 4 too, it’s amazing what you pick up. Great job on the garden tidying. I need to do some serious allotment tidying too. If only I had a solar radio…

  4. Hang on, is that because you don’t want to hear The Moral Maze and Any Questions, or you want to not be cooking so you can concentrate on them? The public needs to know!

  5. disgruntled says:

    CJ – that is a solar radio in the picture (fortunately it is also a wind-up radio or I wouldn’t get much sound)
    Martin – for the sake of the poor radio, I have to not be in the room when either is on, for fear of it being flung against the nearest wall

  6. […] almost a personal affront. I suppose my first tactical error was letting the Weather Gods know that I’d be in the garden from 5 to 6 pm most afternoons, giving them just too tempting a target to aim for. My other tactical error was […]

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