Wagging Tongues

I think I have written before about my ambiguous relationship with Wigtown* and its book festival. This year, rather than see what creative corner the organisers could hide the local writers in, we took matters into our own hands and have – for one day only – planned a little mini festival of our own, disguised as a pop-up bookshop (yes I know, London people, you are so OVER pop-up shops but bear with us because the trend has only just filtered its way up here and we still find them unbearably exciting). There will be readings. There will be books and pamphlets for sale (including, of course, the Fankle). There will even be my own book for sale. There will be hand made Moob hats (no, I didn’t know either). It should be a blast.

It had better be, because I’ll have to be waiting to be picked up at 7:50 AM on Sunday at the road end due to an inconvenient delivery of an entire school to Nearest Village which will be blocking off the road to the village that morning. Honestly, you wait five years for something as exciting as a school to be delivered, and it happens on the one weekend you aren’t going to be there to witness it. I just hope there’s someone waiting at the school, otherwise they’re going to be landed with one hell of a ‘while you were out’ card to pick up…

* note for the confused: while ‘Bigtown’ isn’t really Bigtown’s real name (and nor is Notso Bigtown Notso Bigtown’s), ‘Wigtown’ is a real place. I gather this has caused some confusion in the past…

6 Responses to Wagging Tongues

  1. CJ says:

    Am feeling nostalgic for the days when schools used to be a bit more solid and involved builders and lumps of stone. Nice that a whole new one is being delivered though. Hope you have a great time at the book festival.

  2. CJ we had a ‘Terrapin Block’ prefabricated classroom, that was craned into the playground one morning, at my primary school circa 1967…

  3. disgruntled says:

    I think the council is keen to have a school that can be picked up and moved on as demographics change.

  4. Steven Hope says:

    Have you seen the papercuts that my illustration teacher has had installed in windows around Wigtown?


  5. disgruntled says:

    Only online, but I hope to get a look at the real thing on Sunday…

  6. […] celebrating the new school with an open evening for the whole community (well, newish – it fell off the back of a lorry in October and has been in operation since January but sensibly they decided to wait to have the […]

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