Here Comes the Rain Again

It’s a sign of how nice a summer we’ve had, that I find the return of normal weather service almost a personal affront. I suppose my first tactical error was letting the Weather Gods know that I’d be in the garden from 5 to 6 pm most afternoons, giving them just too tempting a target to aim for. My other tactical error was letting the other half get a job that he has to drive to* meaning I have to cycle for the paper come rain or shine. Of course, I can pick my moment to go out on the bike, but this just seems to add an element of cat and mouse to the game that the Weather Gods relish. The situation is not helped by the BBC, whose idea of an adequate weather forecast for Scotland on Wednesday morning was ‘And for Scotland, rain at times,’ followed by Thursday’s slightly more detailed ‘And for Scotland, especially Bigtownshire, some very heavy rain at times.’ That’s not so much a forecast as a truism…

Still, cunning deployment of my waterproof overtrousers (I don’t wear them, I just put them in my bag and it seems to work to keep the rain at bay) plus the blessed Rain Today means that I have so far only been drenched the once this week. And ford aficionados will be delighted to learn that we recorded a massive nine inches** this evening (too dark for photos), the highest we’ve seen it since we embarked on tadpole watch in the spring.

*believe me, I have investigated the alternatives

** I was going to make that the title of the post, but I get enough unsavoury hits from this one.


7 Responses to Here Comes the Rain Again

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    I think you affect our weather: we had a lovely mild day here and just as I read this I heard raindrops on our skylight. It’s tipping it down now.

  2. disgruntled says:

    sorry! if it helps at all, it’s cleared up nicely this evening…

    • Andy in Germany says:

      Ah, that’ll be why it has been raining here for about 12 hours solid then: you sent it to us…

      (mind you. we need it, to be honest…)

  3. Well you could always move closer to L…

  4. disgruntled says:

    It’s under discussion. Getting away from all the driving would be the main reason

  5. CJ says:

    Oh my, that was a daring post title. I am laughing – I can’t imagine what people were expecting. Hope you have a good weekend. I hear it may be dry.

  6. Paul M says:

    My in-laws are Irish – half from the Dublin area and half from County Kerry. (There’s a joke, often printed on tea-towels in tourist shops in Killarney, “An Irish mother’s letter to her son” which contains the immortal line “It only rained twice this week – once for three days and once for four”). If you complain about the rain they riposte “what – are you made of sugar?”

    You can cycle in any conditions if you have the right clothing. No I don’t mean skin-tight pink lycra, but waterproof trousers and jackets – Gore-Tex if you can afford it but there are cheaper unbranded alternatives like Decathlon’s “Novadry”. If you object that you shouldn’t have to dress up to ride a bike, I might add that in Kerry you have to dress up to take a walk – if you wear a waterproof top with ordinary trousers, all the happens is that the rain runs off the jacket onto the trousers and soaks your legs.

    And whenever my mother-in-law rings, she tells me what beautiful weather they are having in Dublin – usually because they have just sent the monsoons on to us.

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