Winter Blasts in…*

potholes under repair

But fortunately, not before the pothole repair crew had finished their work in progress.

repaired potholes

The other big news at the Community Council was the report from our local councillor that the tarmac fairy had been banished from our roads and that from now on all potholes would be properly cut out and patched. Actually what he said was that the tarmac fairy had been banished 18 months ago, but had appealed under the Fairies’ Rights Act (oh all right, what he really said was the road depots had been instructed to no longer just dump a bucket of tar in the worst holes and it had just taken a bit longer for our bit of the roads depot to get the memo).

The resulting patches aren’t quite as good as a completely resurfaced road (which is a thing of beauty and a joy to cycle on). However, they do mean I am able to gradually unlearn all the jinks and swerves that have been built into my normal ride to avoid the potholes. It’s taking me a while, but I reckon that by the end of the week, my journey to the papershop will be a massive 0.06 miles shorter – or, if you’re Liam Fox, 3p

*or, if you’re not the BBC Terror Centre ‘temperatures return to about normal for this time of year’.


5 Responses to Winter Blasts in…*

  1. Paul M says:

    They didn’t get the memo here yet. My local lane was top-dressed about 18 months ago, with a thin spray of tarmac laid across the top of all the old lumps and bumps and potholes – they are still there, just better hidden.

    Meanwhile, a road with barely a blemish has been resurfaced with asphalt while a nearby shopping street is reminiscent of the Beatles’ classic “Day in the Life”.

    And in the French department of Cotes D’Armor, where I also spend a lot of time, they have always repaired potholes beautifully – a biq square cut back and re-laid, carefully sealed around the edges, and rolled to level so the only way you can tell it was ever there is that the new asphalt is a slightly darker shade than the original.

  2. Very sexy tarmac if you don’t mind me saying so!

  3. disgruntled says:

    @PaulM – yes they do the thing of resurfacing the really unused roads round here too. I suppose it lasts longer that way, without so many pesky quarry lorries on it.
    @uphilldowndale – indeed … (God I really have lived in the country too long)

  4. […] reported almost a year ago that our local councillor had promised the banishment of the tarmac fairy from our land. And yet, cycling back from an afternoon putting together a literary pamphlet and commiserating […]

  5. […] Yes – just glimpsed through the trees (we didn’t dare get any closer for fear of frightening her away) was the distinctive orange flashing light and glimpse of coonsil hi vis that signifies the fleeting appearance of the tarmac fairy – supposedly banished from these shores.* […]

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