Good News for Crows

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks for road kill around here, for some reason. After one foggy morning a fortnight or so ago, when I managed to report FOUR freshly squished rabbits to the Splatter Project, suddenly our roads were blissfully dead-animal free. Whether it was because all the pothole repair activity was frightening the wildlife off the road, or whether the local drivers had just finished off all the stupid rabbits and we were waiting for nature to resupply, I don’t know, but I was beginning to wonder what was going on.*

But today it was back to business as usual, with two crows feasting on the latest bunny victim. And with the start of the shooting season there were enough pheasants lurking around gormlessly in the undergrowth to provide road kill for months to come. Let the massacre re-commence…

* this video might be one answer (for viewers not in Scotland, I apologise for the lack of subtitles)


2 Responses to Good News for Crows

  1. CJ says:

    I re-ran over a previously run over (and deceased) squirrel yesterday. Didn’t mean to, couldn’t avoid it. Saw the odd thing on the roads in the Cotswolds today as well, but not as much as is often there.

  2. Thank you – again – for your lovely writing.


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