Half Way

I’m beginning to think the hardest part of this coffeeneuring lark is explaining to your non-coffeeneuring companion why you might be taking a photo of your cup of coffee.

bucket o' coffee

Actually in this case I might have photographed it anyway, but I would have included something (coin, teaspoon, small dog, a person) for scale as I’d asked for a medium Americano and been a bit startled to get a large china bucket of coffee. What can I say, I prefer a coffee you can finish before it gets cold (although I might have finished it sooner had I been talking less). And yes, this is a large national chain and not some small independent place but we’re beginning to run out of options here in Bigtown. Although they do do latte art, I noticed, if I’d wanted to get really fancy.

I made up for it by cycling back via the shortbread emporium to pick up some outdoor-reared bacon, and say hello to the pigs whose backs it turns out you can scratch if you feel that way inclined (I neglected to mention that I had their mates in slices in my bag). I’d managed to cycle right past them without noticing on my last trip


It’s been a funny autumn so far – wet (okay, that part’s not so unusual) and strangely mild. Today was the first day that actually felt and looked like autumn, with a bit of a nip in the air, and also the first day in ages it’s actually properly stopped raining. Good weather for cycling home with cured meat products in your bag.

big sky

Another 20 miler, and that’s four out of seven coffeneuring rides (pending a final arbitration on Saturday’s entry) in the bag.

6 Responses to Half Way

  1. I have taken the liberty of reaching (and documenting) a final arbitration decision on Saturday’s entry; you’ll find it among Saturday’s comments. Please accept the compliments of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Coffeeneuring Compliance Task Force.

  2. CJ says:

    This coffeeneuring lark sounds like hard work indeed. Keep pushing onwards, you’re doing well.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Vannevar – thank you kindly …
    CJ – it would be easier if we lived a bit closer to any coffee outlets

  4. Charles says:

    I too have scratched pigs backs while carrying their erstwhile chums. I do not think it matters as long as you do tell them. Otherwise you would be like the dog that was prosecuted for sheep worrying – he was calling out “mint sauce” to a herd of sheep….

  5. Autolycus says:

    What is it with coffee inflation, or whatever the word is? I have to shout “small” very firmly if I don’t want the bathful that comes with “regular”, and it’s getting to the point where “black coffee, please” elicits a blank look. Not to mention having to queue for what seems like hours while they’re making other people’s frothafrappamochalattestickitupyourjumpercinos.

  6. disgruntled says:

    @Charles – do or don’t tell them?? I didn’t mention it anyway
    @Autolycus – it does seem a bit weird wanting things to be smaller – but I do prefer a cup I can pick up with just one hand.

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