Today I:

– cycled eight miles to Bigtown station

– took the train from Bigtown to Carlisle

– took the bus from Carlisle to the place which really is known as the Muckle Toon (or ‘Bigtown’ for those not fluent in Scots), possibly ironically.

– drove with the other half from the Muckle Toon to Duns

All of which took approximately 2 hours longer than if I’d done it in a car like a normal person. All this talk of HS2 makes me wonder when we’re going to get a FWS* rail line up this way. With maybe trains that run more frequently than once every two hours. And connect with buses that don’t leave from 100 yards down the road exactly 1 minute after the train comes in, with not another bus for 40 minutes. Just a thought… Still, it did at least allow the Brompton to make some new friends, as it always seems to wherever it goes.

Thus commences as week of fairly intensive gadding about, so tweeting and blogging may be light, although I’ll be at this, which I expect will generate a lot that will be tweet- and blog-worthy and this, which will possibly not (although I notice they have at least managed to dig out a few women to speak – their exciting original line up consisted entirely of men in suits).

* Faster than Walking Speed

8 Responses to Multimodal

  1. babymother says:

    Whenever I see someone on a Brompton I have to suppress the urge to point and shout ‘Brompton! My sister’s got one of those!’ even when the cyclist in question has stopped at lights a few feet away from where I’m standing.

  2. disgruntled says:

    you’d be kept busy in London… (even in London, Brompton owners are secretly pleased to have their bikes noticed though)

    • Paul M says:

      In the early days, every new Brompton came with a stack of tear-off tickets attached to the saddle, with info on the bike and where to buy, just so that you could satisfy all the gawpers and curious. That’s how we bought our first Brommies in 1988 – my boss turned up on one during a tube strike and obliged me with a ticket.

      I guess they don’t consider it necessary any more.

      • disgruntled says:

        I was thinking of that as I was travelling yesterday. Those of us who live out of London still need them (although not being from London we’re allowed to talk to strangers…)

  3. Charles says:

    Hacker alert, there was no mention of weather or rain in this message. Suggest check spam settings.

  4. disgruntled says:

    no but it did have the Brompton in it …

  5. From what I remember all departing train connections at Carlisle are carefully timed to depart just as your arriving connection arrives and somehow they managed to get that to apply to all directions – regardless of whether you arrive from Scotland, London, Settle, Newcastle or Workington – minimum connection time is 58 minutes.

    Anyone at Carlisle panicking and having just missed the WCML service to Preston is strongly advised not to take the rash decision to use the ‘stopper’ along the Cumbrian Coast… takes minimum 3 hours – pretty though.

  6. disgruntled says:

    even worse are the ones where the connection is 8 minutes and your train is running 7 minutes late

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