Getting Personal

It was a glorious winter day today – bright, still, and not a cloud in the sky. Or rather, not a cloud in the sky until I had got five minutes into my papershop run this morning and a cloud appeared and sprinkled icy rain on me for the next mile or so before disappearing and the weather reverted to gloriousness.

Coincidence, you might think, but it happened again just as I headed up to the garden for a productive hour of muck shifting and spreading (there are some tasks that are best done when bunged up with a cold), the cloud then vanishing again as soon as I’d finished getting the washing in.*

Despite the return of normal service from the Weather Gods (I would say that I’ve missed them this year, but that would be a lie), I did manage to get some gardening in, and things are almost looking ready for winter

top bed ready for winter

There’s still kale (looooads of kale), beetroot, some rather weedy leeks and spinach on the go, and we haven’t even started on the parsnips. The purple sprouting broccoli has recovered from the attentions of the cabbage whites (oops) and are already throwing up a few sprouts, which is not surprising given how mild the autumn has been so far.

lower bed ready for winter

I’m even beginning to feel faintly optimistic about my overwintering broad beans. I wasn’t expecting much but I had some soon-to-be out-of-date seed left over and I thought why not stick them under the cloche and see what happens. Of all the things I thought might happen them coming up and thriving and all but outgrowing the cloche seemed the least likely but that’s what they’ve done. You never know, they might make it through the rest of the winter … although now that the weather gods are back on form, they may end up victim to the blizzards, tornadoes, or just plagues of frogs that are undoubtedly coming my way.


* There are some people who just leave the washing out through showers on the grounds that it dries eventually, but I haven’t dared lay down that sort of a gauntlet to the weather gods.


3 Responses to Getting Personal

  1. Bill G says:

    saw this and thought of you ..

  2. Anonymous says:

    My shallots have gone mad and now have 8 inches of green spikes, an open invitation for disaster. I also not that your entire first photo is in shade, quite an accomplishment as the lawn is in glorious sunshine….

  3. disgruntled says:

    Bill G – a bike wheel that stopped when I dropped my mobile phone out of my pocket might be a bit of a hazard … (at least I’d notice the phone had gone though)
    @Anon – the sun is so low these days that at 3pm the low wall around the plot is enough to completely shade everything. Roll on summer

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