More Testing Times

We’re off to the US tomorrow, via an airport hotel this evening (I should probably pack) so stand by for what I hope will be a few weeks of bright winter sunshine, cycling adventures and cookies. Apart from the usual worries of travelling (I would feel more confident, for example, if the online check in would actually let me check in, although on the plus side, if it won’t at the airport then at least I won’t have to fly anywhere), there’s a slight worry about coming back in as they seem to have instituted a quiz to let people back in. Now, my informant on this is a man in a hat at a bus stop in Bigtown* so it may not be 100% reliable, but it was a very nice hat. According to him the process goes like this

Airport official: Are you British?

Man in Hat: Of course not, I’m Scottish.

AO: Well, can you tell me the name of the naval hero of Trafalgar?

MIH: Admiral de Villeneuve

AO: (I suspect quite exasperated by now) Who is the Archbishop of Canterbury then?

MIH: Whit kind of a question is that to ask a Scot? John Knox

AO: And who was the wartime leader who defeated the Nazis?

MIH: Eamon de Valera

He admitted that the last one was a bit cheeky – but he still seemed genuinely outraged about the Archbishop of Canterbury question. I hadn’t realised the Presbyterian battles were still so fresh in the folk memory. Despite all this, they seem to have let him in anyway – you’d have thought just asking for his passport would have been easier. But should Scotland ever get independence, I’m hoping they don’t institute a similar system as I would surely fail…

* I can blame the Brompton for this one as it starts more conversation than a dog. ‘Can you no make it any smaller?’ was his opening gambit

3 Responses to More Testing Times

  1. Bob says:

    We never got quizzed any time we went to the UK from “The Continent”, but I did find it strange that the customs blokes would eye us up and down suspiciously and ask us just what the heck we thought we were up to. We had no intention of MOVING there, (Birmingham? seriously?) nor were we thinking of sneaking into the country to somehow live the high life.
    Hopefully your UK passport will suffice.

  2. John Gibson says:

    Do you take very long to get through the customs in the usa these day.

  3. disgruntled says:

    I used to get a hard time from immigration going into the US (never tell them you’re going to meet your boyfriend) but now that we’re married, I get to go through the ‘sheep’ line instead of the ‘goats’ one so it’s quicker

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