Committing Pedestrianism

I suppose in the interests of strict accuracy, I should report that it’s not always blue skies and gloriously sunny weather here – while yesterday we had lunch sitting in the sun before going on a 3-hour bike ride, today the temperature barely crept above freezing, and we decided it might be time for some of those car-based errands we’d been putting off while the weather was so gorgeous, like going to the grocery store and the giant bookshop and other shops surrounded by acres of parking. And hunting down the mysterious pop-up baklava shop that had no website and appeared to be in an abandoned used car lot, if Google Streetview was anything to go by…

We decided that we’d better do something a little bit active as well, especially if we did find that baklava shop, so we headed down to the riverwalk where you can walk a mile, sponsored by Toyota (the river was actually diverted away from the city centre after it flooded the whole place, but when they wanted to create somewhere for people to walk, they diverted some of it back as long as it promised to behave).

toyota_mile toyota_mile_2

For those who find walking sedately around a glorified duck pond a bit tame, you can always try sprinting across the roads instead…

downtown street

It’s fortunate the drivers around here are mostly pretty patient, but there’s no doubt that round here the car is king. Outside of a tiny historic downtown area, and the mall of course, even parking and walking from shop to shop just feels, well, wrong. Not illegal or anything, but wrong. Well, maybe a little bit illegal if you don’t cross in the crosswalks. If you want to walk and not get funny looks, get a dog. Or stick to the Toyota mile…

Oh and the baklava? We found it in the abandoned used car lot as promised, and it proved absolutely delicious if a little calorific. Looks like we’ll need to do a few more circuits of that riverwalk pretty soon….


6 Responses to Committing Pedestrianism

  1. Bob says:

    Try not to overdo it. It’s a bit of a shock to the system to go from the quirkiness of “Europe” (I’m including the UK in with that lot) to the expansive nothingness of the US.
    Keep your wits about you.
    Oh, and get in the habit of looking LEFT for the cars frantically flying at you.

  2. disgruntled says:

    my brain knows which way to look – but I can’t help look the wrong was as well, just to be sure

  3. Mary says:

    Welcome. 🙂

  4. Lola says:

    I misread baklava as ‘balaclava’ and wondered…

  5. Andy in Germany says:

    I remember as a student in the US being trieted as very, very strange bacause I would do this eccentric thing of walking from one place to another. When I explained this was normal for us in Europe people would ask “Even for the kids?”

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