Eight out of Ten Cats

As the weather app that came with my shiny new phone combined fiddliness with uselessness (as in, I had to click three links and get onto the internet to discover whether ‘overcast’ meant ‘overcast all day’ or ‘raining most of the day and then overcast for one random hour during the day, which anyway it predicted wrong), I naturally turned to twitter for alternatives. Most of twitter sensibly suggested the Met Office Weather app, which I have duly installed, but it also – via @strangemeetings – threw up the delightfully daft Weather Whiskers app, which gives you the forecast through the medium of lolcats.

Disappointingly, despite cats’ previously noted forecasting abilities, they don’t actually use cats to generate the forecast – I was imagining some sort of network of cats distributed across the country with radio collars tracking whether they were heading out for an evening’s marauding, or curled up safely on the sofa – but get it from the Weather Underground instead. Still, so far it seems accurate enough and while the Met Office is better at giving you the details, it is slightly less depressing to wake up to a forecast of Rainz. Oh Nos. And even better is when it changes from Meh Overcast to Mostly Cloudz to – amazingly – Partly Sunz which it did today. This alone makes it a win in my book.

And so I took advantage of the Sunz to get out and try and catch up with my garden again for the first time in weeks. At this time of the year it’s more a matter of carting manure around and digging than anything else but it has been so mild that some weeds are still growing – and they’re not the only things.

purple sprouting broccoli

The purple sprouting broccoli has jumped the gun by about three months (you always get one or two that go early, but almost all of them are showing sprouts just now) and the broad beans, completely unfazed by the gales that destroyed their cloche, are looking battered but unbowed.

Broad beans

If last year was anything to go by we’ve got a lot of winter still to come, but you take your green – or purple – shoots where you can find them these days.


2 Responses to Eight out of Ten Cats

  1. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Your plants look so healthy. You are going to have a great harvest!

  2. charles says:

    You can certainly see the prevailing winds in your bean patch…I would guess strong South Westerlies. My London shallots are going mad, it looks like May, except that the rest of my extensive estate is under water…

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