Shiny shiny

The postman bought a couple of goodies for me this morning:

reflective thread in daylightreflective thread in flash

First up a tiny packet (180 feet allegedly – haven’t measured it) of thread which is retroreflective. This should mean that when knitted into something, it will reflect direct light and hopefully make you show up at night, without having to go around looking like a traffic cone during the day. Combined with merino, that should make it the ultimate piece of cycle wear and I have some cunning plans for it which may or may not be revealed in the fullness of time. Of course, once combined with actually getting on a bike and riding on the road, it will convert into a magical cloak of invisibility, like everything else a cyclist wears, but at least I can say that I tried.*

Sugru packet

Possibly even more exciting (and I realise I am late to the party here) is a mini pack of Sugru which supposedly you can use to fix almost anything. I only came across it at Christmas and got ridiculously enthusiastic about the whole idea, except that we didn’t actually have anything that needed repaired (I can think of loads of things that have gone to the great landfill in the sky that I could have fixed though). And then the other half was playing with his camera and noticed that a little switch had gone a bit shonky (I apologise for using technical terms but sometimes one needs to use them to be accurate). ‘Could you fix it with Sugru?’ I asked and was on the internet ordering some without further ado. Of course, no sooner had I pressed ‘confirm’ on the order than the switch started behaving itself, but no matter I have since prowled round the house and found a couple of other things that could do with a bit of fettling. Once you open the packet you pretty much have to use it all at once, so I shall have to line up all my repair jobs and do them in one go and then look to the Sugru site for inspiration for the leftovers. I might not be able to mend my own bike, but I’ve always been a dab hand at the old blu-tak sculpture. Suggestions for more creative uses welcomed in the comments…

* Cyclists can – and do – argue about the merits of hi-vis and/or reflective clothing for almost as long as they will argue about helmets. I’m fairly agnostic on the subject: I know I want to wear things that don’t scream ‘cyclist’ when I’m off the bike but I do also want drivers to think ‘cyclist’ when I am on the bike at night (during the day, if they can’t see a cyclist on an empty country road, whatever she is wearing, then they can’t see a deer either and shouldn’t be driving).


2 Responses to Shiny shiny

  1. Kevin Walker says:

    I’ve been looking for reflective thread – mostly to amp up my trail running gear. Might I inquire as to where you found this?

  2. disgruntled says:

    I got it from here – very prompt service and reasonably priced. I think you can also find it more widely on places like Amazon now as well. Just search for ‘reflective yarn’ or ‘reflective thread’

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