Have you Seen these Socks?

It’s a sign of how slowly I knit, that I have only just completed the socks* I started on the flight out to the US at Christmas.

new socks

Alert readers will note that there’s something a bit odd going on on the sock on the left, and they’re not the only ones. On the way home from the States we stopped off in Salt Lake City and I was knitting away when I noticed the other half looking over my shoulder. ‘Keep knitting’ he said, which naturally made me stop and turn round and discovered I was being photographed by a curious tourist. She then came over and expressed great interest in my then half-knitted socks, paying particular attention to the wonky bits of the one on the left. The combination of her English, and my Speak Loudly And Clearly to Foreigners were not good enough for me to explain that the wonkiness was not a feature but my attempt to master the jogless stripe based on a vague memory of what you were supposed to do, rather than going and googling it properly like a normal person. Anyway, after a prolonged and close examination of the offending sock she managed to convey to me that she too was a knitter, and that she had worked out how to do what I was doing. I have a slightly uneasy feeling that I may have started a craze somewhere in the Far East for knitting slightly screwed-up stripey socks, ‘American style’. I can only apologise to the actual competent knitters of the US for sullying their reputations.

So, those of you who inhabit the knitting blogosphere rather than the cycling one might want to look out for sightings of my wonky socks online. I’m sure they’re up there somewhere…

* Mysteriously, no sooner did I complete the socks, than I opened my sock drawer this morning to discover two pairs of completely unexpected black socks which appear to have materialised out of nowhere. Bizarre.

9 Responses to Have you Seen these Socks?

  1. commuterjohn says:

    Well, at least you know your left sock from your right one!

  2. Paul Gipson says:

    I made the mistake of mentioning this to @scrabblepooh and now know more about the jogless stripe than was needed in this lifetime. Can we go back to bikes?

  3. Viviane says:

    I like to read about knitting (as opposed to cycling ;-)), especially as I always manage to make at least one mistake in every knitted work, that’s my signature… I also manage to fall down from my bike when not moving !

  4. charles says:

    My mother would knit large woollen jersey’s for my two sisters and me each year, as we grew up another one would appear. Her first effort for my father was shaped like a Christmas Tree with arms, which funnily enough did not fit. It still did not fit for about 15 years until she decided to unravel it and start again. My father was stubborn in ways like that.

  5. disgruntled says:

    Well I suppose it does all of us some good to learn about worlds beyond our own interests …

  6. John Gibson says:

    We have been flooded around our way, so I have not been keeping up with your blog. This post reminded me of a story I heard long ago.
    When you open a drawer or the washing machine, and you find that there is a sock missing, then I am afraid it has been taken by the sock monster. This creature is very cunning, in that it looks like a sock in appearance. So you do not realise that it has eaten your sock.
    However you have come across a rare thing. The unexpected black socks you found in your sock drawer are the offspring of the sock monster, and you saw them before they could change colour into what ever colour socks you have in the drawer.

  7. scsmith4 says:

    I like it. Texture. Much better than the non-seam seam you get on commercially made stripy socks.
    On the infiltrators, go gently. Socks have psychological issues too:

    The Sorrow of Socks — Wendy Cope

    Some socks are loners –
    They can’t live in pairs.
    On washdays they’ve shown us
    They want to be loners.
    They puzzle their owners,
    They hide in dark lairs.
    Some socks are loners –
    They won’t live in pairs.

  8. disgruntled says:

    I’ll be keeping a close eye on those socks – there’s obviously more to them than meets the eye

  9. […] that didn’t take long. I was just about to put my new stripey (pre-warmed on the Rayburn – lovely) socks on when I discovered that the heel of one already […]

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