Signs of Madness

It’s usually not a good idea to listen to the voices in your head but – like new rattles on your bike – it’s definitely worth paying attention to the little voice that pipes up just after you’ve locked the front door to go out on the bike, especially if it’s saying something like ‘wouldn’t it be a good idea to bring a pump’ rather than ‘the government is reading all your emails’.* Or, as was the case before I set off for a soggy group ride on Saturday, ‘what is the point of packing all of your puncture repair stuff if you don’t bring a pump and how about a spare pair of gloves in case those ones get wet?’

So yes, I suppose it was inevitable that I should end up not just with gloves whose waterproofing had failed so comprehensively that I could wring them out before we’d gone the first mile – but that I should encounter a blackthorn that managed to beat the puncture protection of my Schwalbe Marathon Plus back tyre (it was so wedged in that I couldn’t actually remove it – I ended up just having to poke out as much of it as I could and break off any sharp bits on the inside of the tyre). Fortunately somebody could lend me a pump and the puncture was slow enough that I didn’t have to demonstrate how long it takes me to repair a flat in public, but I did end up having to ride without my gloves on as I just couldn’t face putting my soggy ones back on again. It turns out after the first mile, your fingers don’t get any colder…

Still I did *almost* manage to repair the puncture myself yesterday (I failed at putting the tyre back on, and yes I have seen the video with the zip ties) and today I also managed to swap my front ice tyre out and put the normal one on – apologies to everyone who was enjoying the resulting mild weather, but we’ve had so much rain recently the little steel spikes were actually going rusty …

* oh hang on, wait…

One Response to Signs of Madness

  1. John says:

    So now we will be having snow…….. Thanks Sal.

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