Rider on the Storm

I knew the forecast wasn’t looking too clever this morning, so I thought I’d better just quickly check the rain radar before settling down to see whether I had time to get some work done before setting off. A quick glance showed an enormous scary mass of rain marching rapidly towards us with no end in sight so I didn’t hesitate and was out on my bike to get down to the paper shop and back while I still could. In fact, I probably could have done without the rain radar as a glance to the west revealed nothing but increasing murkiness. I abandoned my normal contemplative pedalling style and concentrated on making progress, egged on by the chilly bite in the headwind: it wasn’t just rain that those dark clouds promised. The sky over papershop village was looking apocalyptic and all the east-bound cars headlights were on, never a good sign, but at least on the way home I had the wind behind me. Focusing on the lighter skies to the east, I put my head down and let it push me home and, very satisfyingly, was wheeling my bike into the shed just as the first drops fell.

Since then we’ve had rain, ice, sleet, snow, and back to rain again. Pleasant as it is to be safe at home throughout it all, it’s the village Burns supper tonight so out I must go again, and in all my Burns night finery,* because the other half has the car and won’t be back in time to ferry me down. I wonder just how easy it will be to do the Dashing White Sergeant in wellies…

* In my case, ‘clothes I haven’t gardened in recently

4 Responses to Rider on the Storm

  1. Paul M says:

    You probably think we southerners are a bunch of mincing namby-pambies (“pah! What are you? Made of sugar?”), but we have had more than 225% of the average January rainfall down here in Surrey, according to one of those heat-map thingies published by the met office.

    Mind you, another of those heat maps suggested that the rainfall here is still only about the same as southern Scotland, which appears to have had only around 25%-50% more rain than usual.

    But, have you had a Tornado? We had one last Saturday afternoon – it passed north of us a little but close enough to hear the noise, a but like standing on the runway at Heathrow, and to lose quite a few trees in the space of 10 minutes or so before the whole thing was over and calm descended again.

    And my “Vantage Vue” weather station has been displaying its typical scientific notation recently – “It’s raining cats’n’dogs”

  2. commuterjohn says:

    It just sounds like a night for your flashy rain skirt…….what a scene…..in the centre of the dance floor as you whip off your skirt…..come dancing eat your heart out, just remember to undo the suspender first!

  3. disgruntled says:

    @paul – but were there any cats in it?
    @john – if only I had got a tartan one, it would have been perfect…

  4. Simon Glanville says:

    if it carries on raining in the quantities it is at the moment, how long will it be before the UK can no longer sustain human life because it is simply too wet?

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