Simple Pleasures

So I was going to entertain you all today with a long rant on the joys of rural public transport as composed by me on the two mile trudge back from the bus stop* in the freezing cold rain after I had decided against cycling today for reasons which became less and less compelling with every squelching step.

And then I got home and switched on the radio and listened to the weather news around the country and felt rather petty. There I was, sitting in the warm and dry, with a cup of coffee and a round of toast and no need to go out into the weather again, and my forty minutes in the rain and a pair of sodden shoes rather paled in comparison to what everyone else was having to put up with. After all, when was the last time I had even realised just how pleasant and comforting it is to have warm feet and dry socks? And now suddenly they seemed like one of life’s little luxuries…

I hope your heads are all above water, wherever you are.

* The bus stop for which we’re not allowed to have a bus shelter because not enough people use it because they don’t find standing around in a layby by a trunk road half a mile from their village in Scotland in winter to wait for an hourly bus that costs FIVE pounds return an attractive proposition, for some reason**

** to give you the condensed version


9 Responses to Simple Pleasures

  1. commuterjohn says:

    I worked out a long time ago that by the time you walk to and from bus stops in inclement weather that your mostly better off taking the bike anyway and getting a little damp.
    Todays storm with a few trees having come down on my commute was still easier on the bike than waiting for a bus which either is late or not running because of……..the weather.

  2. disgruntled says:

    If it had been my normal journey I would have ridden it, but I had further to go than normal. Still, that’s no excuse for not taking the Brompton

  3. Charles says:

    The heating has exploded, still at least dry and cold works for me. And the immersion heater still works so dry cold AND clean even if I am living in the front line in London!

    I have added a note to check nearby acquirers to my list of useful things to do before moving house. Cannot think of anything worse than sitting In a nice dry street well above the floods to suddenly have a winterbourne spring pop up in your living room.

    Normally acquirers are the fisher man’s friend but only when they feed rivers, not living rooms.

  4. disgruntled says:

    Ah but then you’d be able to fish from the comfort of your own sofa

  5. Andy in Germany says:

    Ah, the excellent circular logic of politicians. We have the same here: “there is no need for cycling infrastructure because thee aren’t enough cyclists because the road is too busy for cycling… ”

    Followed by the next line of defence: “there is clearly no point in making proper cycle lanes because the (indirect, badly surfaced, narrow, unlit and awkward) cycle path that we installed last year isn’t used and the cyclists go along the (well made and much more direct) road instead”

    you get the idea.

    According to Google, we are 384m or 1260ft above sea level and 61m (200ft) above the nearest river so I doubt we’ll be flooded soon.

  6. Jenny says:

    Yes, we’ve been watching the news reports from the far North, and seeing some dreadful conditions folks in England (and parts of the USA) are enduring. My heart goes out to them. It makes me feel very ashamed that the shower that wet me coming home yesterday from ‘Bike to Work’ (free coffee and checkup), which I also felt a bit grumbly about, was nothing by comparison.

  7. CJ says:

    I know what you mean, I’m feeling very blessed here to be warm and dry in a house with electricity. So many are facing months of problems. How ridiculous to deny you a bus shelter.

  8. disgruntled says:

    @Andy – given that we’ve managed to almost flood while living on the side of a hill, don’t be too sure…
    @Jenny – all misery is relative, ultimately
    @CJ – I know. We’ve been battling the matter in the community council but the (main) council won’t be moved.

  9. Would you like our bus shelter? It doesn’t get used because it’s not on the bus route.

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