The Third Sign of Madness

Pedal on Parliament

Stand by (or cover your ears, or unsubscribe if you must) for more cycle campaigny stuff because we have just announced the date of the next, and third, Pedal on Parliament. And for those of you still listening – please mark your diaries and start picking out your best bike so you can turn up and join the throng in Edinburgh on the 26th April.

We’re doing it because – well, any regular reader of this blog probably knows why we’re doing it. But for those who need a reminder, here are two (okay, technically they don’t live in Scotland but they would like to cycle safely here when they visit their aunt):

bike to school 2


It’s been a slow and frustrating build up as it took a long time to persuade the powers that be in Edinburgh that they really did want to close off their roads for thousands of cyclists, for some reason. But as we got the final nod, and started furiously updating everything and spreading the word, someone emailed

‘Let the madness begin…’

And someone emailed back within seconds


You know, I can remember when a walk to the post box constituted a busy day…


3 Responses to The Third Sign of Madness

  1. Bob says:

    I’ll be right over.

  2. David says:

    Thanks Sally – if you need a pre-ride assembly base then we should still be where we were last year. I’ve put on our home page at bottom. Of course it should be at top as the POP work on this has been long, involved and unpaid!

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Bob – you do that (if nothing else, there will be a mile and a half of safe cycling in the UK to enjoy)
    David – thanks, much appreciated

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