Well I’ll be Darned

Well, that didn’t take long. I was just about to put my new stripey (pre-warmed on the Rayburn – lovely) socks on when I discovered that the heel of one already had a huge hole in it so I had to spend the next half hour or so darning…

darned sock

(If anyone wonders why I can darn socks, it’s because I went to an old-fashioned Scottish boarding school and if you were caught going around in your socks without your slippers on you had to darn any resulting holes. I can’t say it’s been a particularly useful life skill up till I started knitting my own socks and finally had something it was worth the effort of darning. It does mean I religiously wear my slippers in the house though)

I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that 100% wool is not the best yarn for knitting socks – 20% of (gasp) nylon in the mix seems to make them much more hard wearing. The first ever pair of socks I knitted are still, just, going strong after more than three years, although one of them is apparently channelling Edvard Munch.

holey sock

The other hole might just be due to the fact that I’ve worn nothing but wellies for the last two weeks now, and they are a bit hard on socks. Unfortunately, that looks unlikely to change…

3 Responses to Well I’ll be Darned

  1. Christine says:

    Seems to me you should make socks with replaceable heels!! Or get a copy of Mary Thomas’s Knitting Book with instructions on how to reknit worn out sock heels and toes. Worth the effort if it makes the socks last longer.

  2. Jenny says:

    You ARE hilarious. Am I really reading a post about darning socks – and is that indeed, a picture of holes in a sock at the bottom? Still, if I’m in here reading it, it must be better than the work I should be doing out here in the real world. Now, can I see you sock drawer? Or perhaps, what about the inside of your refrigerator?

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Christine – I should try and look that out
    @Jenny – I suspect that says more about your work than my sparkling prose!

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