Last year, as you may recall, I almost did an Errandonnee by accident (and I still got a prize). This year, I was determined to do better, but I haven’t got off to a scintillating start.

Errandoneering, for those who don’t spend all their time reading about obscure bicycle stuff on the internet, challenges you to run 12 errands by bike in 12 days, between Friday March 7th and Tuesday March 19th, which is apparently 13 days but who’s counting. Of course, it’s not quite as simple as all that – you have to run a variety of errands and you have to document them, AND you have to learn something or make an observation on each one, which is hard if you’re me and you’ve forgotten you’re even doing it until you’re rounding the last corner before home (up until then I was just fetching the paper).

Still, I did remember in time and took a photo of this very interesting (to me) hole in the ground, which appears to be part of a long-running project on the part of two coonsil chaps* to sort out the drainage on our road. And my observation is that the powers that be have finally worked out that if your roads aren’t doubling up as stream beds then they might last a bit longer between visits from the tarmac fairy.


Either the council are sorting out the drains, or the local badgers have been on a health and safety course…

My next trick will be trying to come up with a sufficient variety of errands to meet the very exacting rules of this challenge. And actually remember I’m doing it this time…

Errand: fetching paper. Distance: 11 miles. Category: store (non-grocery) (unless the shop in Papershop Village counts as a grocery shop) (it’s never simple is it?)

* The usual combination of a young one who does all the digging and an old one who alternates between leaning on his spade and telling the young one how it was much better in his day. I imagine. I’ve only ever witnessed him doing the former, but the young one generally has a look on his face that suggests he’s getting more than enough of the latter.

3 Responses to Challenging…

  1. bertbeerpot says:

    Alas, the surgeon who perforated me said I couldn’t do anything strenuous for 8 weeks. He seemed to class cycling as strenuous (it isn’t the way I do it).

    On the bright side, my bike will at last have a titanium component.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Heh, they do always say it’s easier and cheaper to shave weight off the rider than weight off the bike … but getting titanium components fitted seems a bit extreme! Hope you are back on your bike soon

  3. […] the old chap and the young chap have almost finished their epic work along our road (I did notice that the young chap had got […]

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