Gardening Leave

There was much I could have been doing at my computer this afternoon but the sun was out and, while we haven’t had the glorious weather in the past couple of days that the rest of twitter was banging on about, we have had – well, calling it dry weather would be pushing it but it hasn’t been raining all that much since, ooh, the last yellow warning of heavy rain on Friday morning. As a result, most of the garden has gone from squelchy to squidgy making it possible to contemplate catching up with the winter’s backlog. As an added incentive, I was suffering from a baking-related back injury having tweaked something while bending down to put a cake in the oven and sitting at the computer wasn’t making it any better, so an afternoon’s binge gardening definitely beckoned.

garden before

Four hours later, I’m not entirely sure that weeding and wheelbarrowing was exactly what the doctor would have ordered for a dodgy back although it was still better than crouching over my laptop all day. Nor am I entirely sure that I’ve made any progress – in my experience, the more you garden, the more you discover there is to be done.

garden after

But I did achieve my main objectives: I found some of my spring flowers lurking under all the died back plants and liberated them, I managed not to then promptly tread on any of them, and I’ve added several barrowloads of plant material to the compost heap. In truth ‘adding material to the compost heap’ is pretty much the only achievement I’ve found I can rely on when gardening. Everything else is just in the lap of the slugs. If slugs have laps.

emerging anenome

And the cake? Well truly, revenge is a dish best served cold. Accompanied by a steaming hot fresh cup of coffee.

cake and coffee

raspberry and lemon yoghurt cake – nom nom nom. Please try not to look at the the weeds behind…

6 Responses to Gardening Leave

  1. John Gibson says:

    I have a good excuse for not doing anything at the moment. The water is just below the ground. That cake looks very nice, is it home made.

  2. Charles says:

    You should post your injury on the middle class injuries site. I have so far given myself appalling tennis elbow by adjusting my seat in business class on a plane trip. I have pulled calf muscles walking my small overnight luggage across Eurostar concourse. Baking is almost industrial in comparison.

  3. disgruntled says:

    John – that is the cake I was baking when my back went ping.
    Charles – where is the middle-class injuries site? Sounds like fun

  4. Charles says:


    Not techie enough to do links, after all I am old enough to be on the injured list…

  5. Jenny says:

    Here we are suffering warm weather, drought, an excess of sunshine, but despite these hardships, a piece of cake and coffee is just as comforting. The simple pleasures. . .

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