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So, I’ve been getting behind with this errandonneering lark in recent days. Not the errandonneering itself, which has been going strong, but the record keeping. Partly because I’ve been busy busy (those errands won’t run themselves you know), but also because none of the errands I run ever seem to fit neatly into the categories provided. Take Tuesday, when I had a busy day – a meeting at the coonsil (let’s see, community meeting?), with a side trip to the post office and the bank. Now I don’t know about you, but to me, those are quintessential errands, the kind of thing I can remember my mother doing (and oh the endless hours spent waiting for grown ups to finish having incredibly boring conversations in banks, with nothing to amuse yourself with but those pens attached to their bases by the little chain, which would leak incredibly sticky ink which then got onto your hands and, inevitably, your face without you noticing until you’d walked around half the day with blue freckles) (actually, now I come to think of it, that was in fact last week). And yet there is no category for ‘going to the post office’ or even ‘boring admin stuff’. Clearly my life has become completely out of synch with the normal world, at least as far as my errands go: everyone else is going out for coffee and or breakfast or having manicures, while everything I do seems to only fit under the heading of ‘wild card’ and I’m reluctant to play my two jokers this early in the game. I’m beginning to think I should take up having manicures, or going to work, or something drastic like that, to make my errands fit.

So, for anyone still awake, here are those errands in full:


rhino sculpture

Errand #3 – trip to the post office. category: work (I was posting off a contract, and as I work from home it’s about my only chance to use that one). Observation: I am out of synch with the modern world. (The photo shows Bigtown’s Rhinos rather than the post office because how boring is a post office? Too boring even to photograph, that’s how boring).

bikes at council office

Errand #4 – meeting with coonsil, with fellow cycle campaign member and errandonneer @RutherfordRosie. Category: community meeting. Observation: the coonsil has a sustainable transport person who we’d never even heard of who is different from the other sustainable transport person we had heard of and works for a different department and seems to actually know what he’s talking about and does things. No wonder they’ve been keeping him under wraps.

Total: 16 miles



There are lambs there, honest…

Errand #5 – fetching paper. Category: store, other. Observation: the first lambs have appeared in the fields but they’re very far away.

bike at dusk outside choir

Errand #6 – village choir. This was also my after dark ride, using my bottle dynamo light. Category: I thought long and hard about this and decided that seeing as I’d been staring at a computer all day and was feeling a bit frazzled and I felt a lot better after a couple of hours singing and I’ve already used up community meeting then this counts as ‘personal care and health’. Observation: I agreed with a couple I passed on the way to the village that the drainage works on the hill near the house had been nicely done and it was about time…

Total 14 miles


repaired shoes on bike

Errand #7 – getting the other half’s shoes re-soled. Category: I don’t know – personal care and health? (See, I told you it was complicated). Observation: amazingly, you can still get things repaired these days.

bike at the station

Errand #8 – meeting someone at the station to show them around Bigtown’s finest, and less-than-finest cycling infrastructure. Category: this would have been another head scratcher, but fortunately we stopped for lunch, so lunch. Observation: even with two of you, white vans still pass you as if you weren’t there.


Errand #9 – meeting a friend to divvy up the seeds from our joint seed order. Category: we had tea as well, meaning I could count this as ‘coffee or dessert’, even though tea patently isn’t coffee (I might be getting the hang of this errandonneering lark). Observation: we seem to have got carried away again and ordered all manner of strange things, like pink broad beans and fennel, and apparently I agreed to try growing sweetcorn again, although I have no memory of it.

bike at the butchers

Errand #10 – stopping off on the way home to pick up lamb steaks for tomorrow’s supper. Category: um, does a butcher count as a grocery store? Observation: I was half way home before I remembered I had also meant to stop off at the library, which actually has a category all of its own, but I had forgotten.

Total 32 miles.

Blimey, I’m almost done…

9 Responses to Hors Categorie

  1. Flighty says:

    There must be story as to why a rhino? xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Remember that growing the corn is all about the sound as it sings in the breeze – nothing to do with failing to produce cobs!

  3. John Gibson says:

    That is what I call a Butchers. I just had a look at their website, it’s mouth wateringly good.

  4. Charles says:

    I am off to Lucca. I had to tell someone!

  5. Charles says:

    Other half and I are playing candy crush in a hotel at Gatwick, oh the decadence…

  6. disgruntled says:

    @Flighty – I did ask, but nobody seemed to know. Apparently the baby appeared after the big rhino…
    @Anon – but couldn’t I get the same effect with a set of windchimes, and without the cruel hope of actually getting something to eat?
    @John – and it’s not even the best butchers in Bigtown, although it is the easiest to cycle to. We’re a bit spoilt for choice round here
    @Charles – enjoy. Especially as winter seems to have returned around here

  7. […] worried, because running errands is what I do on the bike and now that the errands have been recategorised, I even run the right sort of errands, so I was pretty certain I could catch up, as I usually do at […]

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