Good Parking Makes Good Neighbours

So we have new neighbours again (I don’t know what we’re doing to frighten people away – maybe it’s the blog?) and it’s a sign of how long I’ve been out of London that I didn’t bother hanging around the garden in order to bump into them when they were moving in, but just boldly knocked on their door and introduced myself on my way back from getting the paper.

There’s a slightly ticklish issue with getting new neighbours, which is that we have a shared yard for parking and although there’s masses of space (I know, I have to weed the gravel), there’s one particular spot where if someone parks their car, it makes it very awkward for others to turn around, and that seems to be the very spot where people choose to park their cars if not directed to otherwise. Now the last thing we want to be is the sort of neighbours who introduce ourselves by telling people where they should park, not least because that’s exactly what our original neighbour did when we moved in (and the next thing we knew, he was kneeling in the yard in full camo gear, zeroing the sight of his air rifle on the garage door, but that may be unrelated). On the other hand, neither do we want to be the sort of neighbours who burn with hidden resentment at the fact that people are parking in the wrong spot, a resentment made worse by the fact that we haven’t actually told them that they’re parking in the wrong spot, so we can’t actually blame them and yet, somehow, we do – a situation that can only end in broken wing mirrors, or indeed, air rifles.

So fortunately our new neighbours who appear very nice, pretty much opened the conversation by asking where they should park and so all is so far sweetness and light.

Now all we need is for them to get a cat.

staring cat

6 Responses to Good Parking Makes Good Neighbours

  1. Jenny says:

    Ah, but what a cat! Is that yours? If so, he looks as if he doesn’t want any other feline company. If it’s theirs, then my heart would rejoice – he looks so friendly. Yes, we have a shared driveway too, and each time the house behind changes occupants it’s a sweaty time waiting to see if we have considerate people or the sort that tear down past our house clipping the wooden fence as they go. So far so good. Like you, I got in quickly with a positive introduction, so that next time, I could make any suggestions with that good basis behind me. Haven’t needed to yet. Whew.

  2. John Gibson says:

    Yes, you must get a cat. I told my wife we are not getting any more, and we haven’t, but someone who lived near where my wife works has move into the village and brought their cat with them. Now my wife knows this cat from when it wandered alround her work place, and when it sees her peddling pass it’s new home it cames out and follows her to our house. We have also taken in a ferret, but that is another story.

  3. Brian Booker says:

    Its often the simple things in life that makes the detail interesting. Your blog never fails to amuse …

  4. Paul M says:

    When our late and dearly missed cat Sylvie used to wash her intimate parts, with one rear leg pointing straight upwards and rump plus three remaining legs on the floor, it always struck me that in that pose she most closely resembled a set of bagpipes. That would be rather appropriate around where you are.

  5. disgruntled says:

    Jenny – the cat was (is) our old neighbour’s, so she moved out when he did
    @John – still waiting for another cat to claim us
    @Brian – thanks
    @Paul – surely the cat should be tartan for that?

  6. […] we have lovely new neighbours as I have already mentioned – but they turn out to have one tiny little flaw. They garden. […]

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