Signs of …

Cycling back from Bigtown yesterday (category: lunch (& also plotting but that doesn’t seem to have an Errandoneering category), distance: 16 miles, observation: “where did that bastard headwind come from all of a sudden?”) I was struck by the way the trees have reached the point where they are almost-but-not-quite in leaf, giving everything a faint wash of colour, like the promise of something.

trees almost bursting into leaf

And the landlords’ hens have resumed their visits to our garden – here they are inspecting my work on the flowerbeds. I hope they have the same appetite for slugs as their predecessors.

hens in flowerbed
Plus the lambs have gone from unphotographable dots in the distance to just-about photographable fuzzballs on springs, if you excuse my camera phone’s excuse for a ‘zoom’. (Sure they look cute, but that one on the right went on to sexually harass his brother/sister all around the field (well, I’m guessing it’s a ‘he’))

little lambs
Adding it all up, I think that means winter is loosening its grip on us, slowly but surely. And that means I am definitely behind with the gardening. Already

Someone remind me how this horticultural therapy for stress relief is supposed to work again?

3 Responses to Signs of …

  1. Robert Littlewood says:

    There’s nothing like backache to take your mind off your other problems.

  2. Charles says:

    Parking. Oh dear. We had to rip out our front garden due to a parking issue with since departed neighbours. My wife was so infuriated she did a parking dance in front of them….since then our reputation has meant that the land lord has next door has told people that we are difficult. This is great because we are actually very soft and even take people’s bins in, or those that do not block us in anyway.

    When we move to the country we will have our own parking, or a mine field, whichever is cheaper.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Robert – ah yes, I suppose that would do it
    @Charles – I think a video of the parking dance is needed…

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