There is much to write about – including more exciting drainage news and possibly my least enjoyable bike ride ever – but I’m short of time to do either justice so you’re stuck with me doing the paperwork for the Errandonnee. In the excitement of Monday’s exciting drainage news I forgot to mention that I had also cycled down to Papershop Village to meet my fellow editor to select the pieces that would go into the next Fankle, which I’m counting as playing my wild card, category wise (it’s either that or a very specialised form of book reading). That means that I have completed all 12 rides within the allotted time (distance: 11 miles; my observation was that the pub which I thought was open and would serve us coffee was not, which complicated things somewhat)

new drains

obligatory photo

So, for completeness (and to check that I have indeed completed the challenge) here are those entries in full:

1. 7th March Errand: fetching paper; category: store (non-grocery); distance: 11 miles.

2. 8th March Errand: attending Environment fair; category: community meeting; distance: 16 miles.

3. & 4. 11th March Errand: post office; category: work. Errand: meeting with coonsil; category: community meeting; combined distance 16 miles.

5. & 6. 12th March Errand: fetching paper; category: store (non-grocery); distance: 11 miles. Errand: choir rehearsal; category: personal care; distance 3 miles.

7., 8., 9. & 10. 13th March Errand: shoe repair; category: personal care. Errand: tour of Bigtown and lunch; cagetory: lunch. Errand: dividing up seeds; category: coffee. Errand: butcher; category: store (grocery); combined distance 32 miles.

11. 17th March Errand: editing the Fankle; category: wild card; distance 11 miles.

12. 18th March Errand: plotting over lunch; category: lunch; distance 16 miles.

So that’s 12 errands, 8 categories and 116 miles (blimey, it adds up, doesn’t it?), all of which I would have done by bicycle anyway, but it’s nice to feel you’ve achieved something just by way of a bonus…

Back to exciting drainage news tomorrow.

5 Responses to #Errandone

  1. Elizabeth Rich says:

    I enjoy your blog… Especially the photos. Never too many sheep.
    We here in Newfoundland are still dealing with snow, ice and wind.
    Leeks,garlic and other goodies exist only in our dreams.

  2. disgruntled says:

    This time last year we were about to get dumped on with the largest snowfall of the winter … so there’s still time

  3. John Gibson says:

    It is tomorrow, so where is the exciting drainage news. Iove that title.

  4. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Lovely photos!

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