Year End Bonus

big digger

I promised you excitement – but even I didn’t realise we were going to wake up to a big shiny yellow digger in our drive this morning. How the council knew it was my birthday,* I have no idea, but they decided to celebrate by sending back the old chap and the young chap and the world’s biggest Tonka Toy to come and sort out the drainage for once and for all. This was fortunate, because the return of the weather gods in the last few days (of which more anon) has conclusively proved that attempting to use a broken three-inch pipe to drain an entire burn in South West Scotland is not going to work. Clearly, all the rain we’ve had has concentrated the council’s mind on matters of drainage – and with the mild winter we’ve had, it would appear they’ve got year end money to burn as it was a very new and clean looking digger (either that or they left their computer logged in with a tech savvy toddler about …)

But it’s not just the council that’s offering up a little year-end bonus. I thought I’d dug up all my parsnips already this year, but spring has proved me wrong

emerging parsnip

Not a bad haul for an empty vegetable bed.

last parsnips

* 45. How on earth did that happen?


15 Responses to Year End Bonus

  1. John Gibson says:

    They look good. Happy Birthday also.

  2. velovoiceblogspot says:

    Only 5 months younger than me! Happy B’day. 🙂

  3. Anne says:

    I know what you mean. Not about the drainage. Happy birthday.

  4. disgruntled says:

    Even my mother was having a hard time believing it (also not about the drainage)

  5. A big shiny yellow digger is the best birthday present in the world…right? Anyway, happy birthday!

  6. WOL says:

    Many happy returns of the day, both birthdays and people getting things you needed sorted, sorted.

  7. Flighty says:

    I hope that you had a good day. A JCB and some parsnips are certainly somewhat different ‘presents’! xx

  8. disgruntled says:

    I did also get a huge pile of books and some jumpers, so my happiness is complete …

  9. Andy in Germany says:

    I discovered some onions coming back from last year. It would’ve been better had I discovered them before running a hoe through the poor things though…

  10. Bob says:

    Awesome birthday present(s)! Happy Birthday!

  11. […] spring, as I may have mentioned, the old boy, the young guy and their big yellow digger came from the council to sort out the drainage outside our house for once and for all – […]

  12. […] Actually what the other half was hoping for was the return of the Big Yellow Digger – he is very much in touch with his inner […]

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