So I was having a lovely ride this afternoon, the sun in my eyes and the wind in my hair (it being too gusty for the hat), and nothing to detain me but a herd of cows being brought in to calve, and even then I just hung around and chatted with the cow man about his sciatica while the cows decided whether or not they would be brave enough to go past the Scary Bike Thing.

Resuming my journey, I saw a tractor which very patiently waited for me to go past before pulling out of a field and joining in my wake in an impromptu rural procession (it must be a novelty for a tractor driver to be at the back). All would have been well, had a mischeivous gust of wind not snatched my glasses off my face and right across the road, forcing me to come to a stop so I could retrieve them – and even then all might have been well had the tractor driver, being a very courteous young man, not decided to pass me very politely, giving me loads of room, by going right up onto the verge, the very verge on which my glasses had come to rest.

The other half has long wondered (sometimes out loud) what it would take for me to actually go and replace my glasses, rather than just blogging about it and then swearing at them every time they fall off my face. He got his answer today.

squished glasses

Actually, for something that has been run over by a tractor, they look remarkably chipper. I can only hope that I would fare so well.


8 Responses to Crushed

  1. WOL says:

    Looking at your glasses, begs the question, “Do they tend to slide off when you bend over?” The point of having ear pieces is to hold them on your head by having the ear piece hook around your ear. I’d bet if you bent the end of the ear pieces at a sharper angle, they might stay on your head better . . . .?

  2. stcleve says:

    Surely your SUGRU can fix them? 😀

  3. disgruntled says:

    @WOL – for some reason, ear pieces that actually hook over your ears have gone out of fashion in the glasses world (along with my particular preferred type of frame). I think opticians possibly have a vested interest in glasses which fly off under the wheels of tractors, as I have owned these frames for 10 years and probably would not have replaced them ever if I could have got away with it
    @Stcleve – I have been banned from attempting to fix them with sugru, or at least going out in public with the results. Also they are quite twisted – just cycling back yesterday wearing them gave me an interesting headache…

  4. Jenny says:

    Incredibly chipper for a tractor to have driven over them. The glass is not even cracked. What kind of tractors do you have in Scotland – rubber ones? I think you could revive these yet – find some way to attach them to the tweed cap, and you have an all in one head apparatus. Go on – you know you want to.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As a fisherman I always have my glasses on a bit of string around my neck. Sometimes its a more glamorous designer bit of string but it stops them falling in the river. As you are now 45 you can get away with the glasses on string around neck look and you could buy expensive bit of string as a birthday present.

  6. Autolycus says:

    It’s either a Mrs Slocombe chain, or the “mad scientist” rubber band to clamp them into place……….

  7. […] my eyes tested today after walking round every opticians in Bigtown with my poor out-of-fashion tractor-crushed glasses asking if they had anything like them in stock and booking myself in at the only place […]

  8. […] I’m still not 100% convinced, although the reaction has largely been positive (at least nobody has openly laughed at them, but then again they could just be being polite). They’re quite heavy compared to my old frames, and even though they are apparently what all the cool kids are wearing these days, to someone my age they still look irrevocably like NHS specs… Plus I have the sneaking suspicion that they would not handle being run over by a tractor. […]

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