Self Medication

The lurgy continues. I have developed one of those coughs that serves only to scratch the inside of your throat and once started, won’t stop which makes sleeping fun. Not only that, but the thing that makes me feel worst of all is attempting to sit still at the computer – after about ten minutes (including the ten minutes it has taken me to write this) the cough starts, my lungs burn, my back aches and an iron band clamps itself around my head (metaphorically, at least. An actual iron band would at least have the benefit of helping to keep my hat on).

On the other hand, eating sweeties (well, Jakemann’s cough sweets, but it’s basically the same thing), going for a bike ride, going to the pub, gardening and singing* all make me feel a lot better. Some people might regard this as rather convenient; I’m just concentrating on getting as well as I can.

* Probably not the case for my fellow choir members


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