Taps Aff

I had a day trip to Newcastle today which meant setting off for the station with frost still thick on the grass, for all the bright promise of the morning sunshine. The Toon itself was distinctly nippy with a sharp wind blowing in from the North Sea and the various stag and hen parties making their way along the river front looked as if they regretted going for the matching t-shirts/comically brief dresses, at least until they’d got enough alcohol on board to stop caring. I was feeling fairly smug at having dressed sensibly until I realised that I’d lost one of my favourite gloves, a gift from the other half and rather spiffy with rabbit-fur lined (don’t write in) cuffs, which I’d successfully managed to avoid losing for two years – something of a record for me. One was restored to me, having been found on Bigtown station platform and kept for my return, but the other has vanished, to join my last two hats and at least four right hand gloves (I never lose the left-hand ones for some reason) in the great lost-property office in the sky…

Fortunately, by the time I came to ride home this afternoon the sun had done its work and it was warm enough to ride home bare handed. It’s not *quite* taps aff yet, but from the reddened shoulders I passed on my way home there has been some reckless clout casting going on in Bigtown today, May be out be damned. And as we’re all apparently desperately vitamin-D deprived at this time of year, perhaps it’s no bad thing…


3 Responses to Taps Aff

  1. John Gibson says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to Newcastle when it’s been warm.

  2. Andy in Germany says:

    I have the same problem re: losing things. I’ve managed to leave at least two hats including oneparticular favourite which Beautiful Wife gave me, on trains this year which was very frustrating. I’m now paranoid about losing things and hold my at in a death grip when it isn’t on my head.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @John – me either now I come to think of it … although you wouldn’t know it from the way people dress
    @Andy – it’s the ones I’ve been given I feel most bad about. It feels so ungrateful

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