Stopping to Smell the Flowers

bluebell wood

In truth, there’s no need at the moment – as I round the corner past this woodland, the scent of the bluebells just sort of smacks you in the face, albeit in a delicate and floral way.

And no need to stop to observe the wildlife either – this morning I was cycling behind a stoat which was running along the road, being dive bombed by an angry crow. Once the crow had given up, the stoat bounded on at a fair lick for another half a mile or so, before stopping to give me a look and then disappearing into a crack in a wall.

All this ride-by wildlife observationing has saved me enough time to help set up my latest half-baked idea born out of an idle conversation on Twitter, the Women’s Cycle Forum*, tickets for which are now on sale as part of the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling. Because, you know, I really needed another thing to organise.

*In answer to those indignantly wondering where all the men’s cycle forums are, I respectfully refer you to the last Cycling Scotland conference where all the speakers (until they got embarrassed and invited Alison Johnstone along), the chair, and most of the other participants were men. One day it will be unnecessary and, indeed, sexist to create an event dominated by women, just so that our voices can be heard in all their variety, but that time has not yet come. However, do feel free to set up your own men’s event if you like, although I think you’ll find that in the end it’s not that different from almost every single cycling conference you’ve ever been to… ours, on the other hand, will have wine.


2 Responses to Stopping to Smell the Flowers

  1. Oh, I love bluebells. Sadly I don’t get to cycle past them, but I do have a ritual of cycling to them – at Kew Gardens – every Spring. Hope the Women’s Cycling Forum goes well. I’d come along, but Edinburgh is a bit too far for me to cycle.

  2. disgruntled says:

    There are trains too! And a whole fortnight of cycling events on as part of the Festival …

    I used to work at Kew, so I know the bluebells well. Favourite lunchtime walk in spring

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