Take That…

So, we have lovely new neighbours as I have already mentioned – but they turn out to have one tiny little flaw. They garden. Worse than that, they’re diligent about it and it’s beginning to show. People in the village are commenting. We’ve gone from being the good tenants, the ones who keep our flower beds more or less under control, to the ones who are beginning to let the side down. I tell people we’re being wildlife friendly, but the excuse is wearing thin

So I was very pleased this afternoon when I was being dropped off after a hard day’s graft at our pop-up bookshop to be told by my fellow writer and, more importantly, someone who was just back from having a fabulous time at the Chelsea Flower Show – that our flower bed was ‘very Chelsea’. ‘Oh yes, all the show gardens have got these grasses woven through them and cow parsley and columbine and informal planting …’


Very Chelsea. Apparently. Note the grasses artfully woven through the gravel at the front

I’m just hoping the landlords have seen the same show

7 Responses to Take That…

  1. […] a sign of how little gardening I do (well, you know, we’re very Chelsea here) that it’s taken me at least a week – based on the number of eggs and assuming […]

  2. […] and gravel from the encroaching vegetation, which is rapidly making the transition from ‘very Chelsea‘ to ‘second growth forest’. It’s one of those jobs which, when I’m in […]

  3. […] My gardening style received the Chelsea imprimateur https://cityexile.wordpress.com/2014/05/24/take-that/ which helped the hens convert our food yards into food inches […]

  4. […] On the whole, I think it’s an improvement on the actual flowers it was eating, but then again I’ve never really got the hang of ornamental gardening […]

  5. […] and mend feel. Failing that, we’d better hope that old bedsteads, carpets and wandering sheep feature heavily at Chelsea this […]

  6. […] Please can some well-known garden designer create a show garden at Chelsea this year that consists of random piles of stones, landscape fabric, bricks, old railway sleepers […]

  7. […] From other angles, it’s more of a work in progress, except without the progress. I tell myself that a garden is for life, not just for lockdown, and that there’s no point rushing into projects that I won’t have time to complete. And you never know; dandelions, empty tubs and random piles of gravel may well feature at Chelsea next year. […]

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