Looking a Gift Egg in the Mouth

So the good news is that it’s my Anniversaire ride on Saturday and it looks as if I will have a good turnout, so it should be a grand day out. The only fly in the ointment, as I added up the likely participants, is that we could end up sitting 12 of us down for tea, 12 cyclists, 12 cyclists who will have done about 30 miles and with more in prospect: in other words 12 bottomless pits when it comes to cake. It’s lucky the landlord’s hens have been so generous.*

Thus, this week I have mostly been doing All The Baking (coconut macaroons, cherry flapjacks and lemon drizzle cake so far; blueberry yoghurt cake still to come). And given that I’m not one of those neat and tidy bakers who can whip up a cake without getting it everywhere but the cake tin, the end product of me baking – apart from delicious baked goods of course – is a kitchen in which it looks as if the forces of flour have only narrowly defeated the battalions of butter, so tomorrow I shall mostly be doing All The Cleaning.

* I was going to do the floating them in water thing to see if they were off but in the end I just did the cracking them open one by one and sniffing them thing instead. All fine so far.

3 Responses to Looking a Gift Egg in the Mouth

  1. Bob says:

    Somewhere I heard or read that if you DON’T refrigerate eggs, they’ll be OK for a few days. However, if you Do refrigerate them, then they must remain refrigerated. Something like that?

  2. Neil Travers says:

    Re:”To Fridge of Not to Fridge?” http://www.forbes.com/sites/nadiaarumugam/2012/10/25/why-american-eggs-would-be-illegal-in-a-british-supermarket-and-vice-versa/

    “Another important distinction between European eggs and American eggs is how they are stored, and this ultimately leads back to the question of egg-washing.

    EU law actually stipulates that eggs “ should in general not be refrigerated before sale to the final consumer.”

  3. disgruntled says:

    ooh that’s interesting. We don’t refrigerate our eggs and the (American) other half claims his mother never did either (although I notice she does now). We’ve never had a problem and they certainly keep quite happily for a few weeks. The main worry is when one of the hens is broody and the eggs have been kept warm

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