Open Daze

The village has been celebrating the new school with an open evening for the whole community (well, newish – it fell off the back of a lorry in October and has been in operation since January but sensibly they decided to wait to have the party in May)

I’m extremely jealous of the library

school library

And the school run isn’t that shabby either…

evening sun

There’s something about riding home with the evening sun still filtering through the trees gone nine o’clock that makes those short winter days worth the misery. Well, almost

4 Responses to Open Daze

  1. Flighty says:

    That’s a terrific looking library so no wonder you’re jealous. xx

  2. oftpaster says:

    When coming home to Sussex I always look forward to the “bit with the trees”. When the light is just right it lifts me up – and that’s driving a car.

  3. John Gibson says:

    The library is quite cosy, it reminds me of the students common room at the college I work at, only the cushions are a bit bigger.

  4. disgruntled says:

    @Flighty – I know, I wanted to just curl up there and get stuck into the books
    @oftpaster – there’s something about that evening light isn’t there?
    @John – ah, it was never like that in my day!

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