As it Turns Out, it Was we Who Ate All the Pies

Well, I don’t know quite what happened there, but through some existential mix up with the weather gods we had the most glorious weather today, despite the fact that I had invited a bunch of people from all corners of the country to join me on a 45-mile ride. And despite the best efforts of my bike to scupper the outing by getting its chain jammed all but irrevocably behind the cogs, we made it to our lunch stop in reasonable time, where the ordering got a little complicated as we totally cleaned them out of pies.

setting off from the train station

Then it was over the hills and far away, via Papershop Village (naturally) to home, where they all but cleaned me out of cake.

cake remnants

And then, for the die hards, we did the final loop around the reservoir to make up the last miles and enjoy one of my favourite rides of all time, although now sadly bereft of its statues after one of them got nicked last year.

road ahead

All in all a good day’s riding, although by the time I’d ridden up the road and back to see some of my guests off I found I’d overshot a little…

GPS reading - 46 miles

There are worse mistakes to make. And worse ways to mark the passage of the years.

Anyone else make a point of riding their age?

9 Responses to As it Turns Out, it Was we Who Ate All the Pies

  1. My mileage tends to reflect my shoe size these days. But my friend Fred organised 75 miler for his 75th birthday. I recall reading about a chap who on completing his 90th birthday 90 miler was looking forward to his centenary ride. There’s no stopping some folk.

  2. Autolycus says:

    >>Anyone else make a point of riding their age?<<

    In miles or yards? I have my limits, you know.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Nigel, my hope is that if I keep cycling the years won’t catch up with me. Certainly seems to have worked for some very fit people around here.
    @autolycus – any measure you like (the rules are here

  4. welshcyclist says:

    One day, I must ride my age, but at 63 and counting, I’d better hurry up!

  5. disgruntled says:

    That’s why I’m starting now!

  6. Anonymous says:

    As I texted you on Saturday evening, I ended up doing my own age in miles by the end of the day – either five months late, or half a mile shy for the half-birthday this month. And yet, sleep of the gods and the #elbOWWWW aside, somehow no after-effects still.
    It’s the cake what aids rapid recovery, clearly.

  7. subversivite says:

    Just read this in my weekly digest – is it too late to wish you a happy anniversaire? I’d do it with you next year if you held it a BIT further south.

  8. disgruntled says:

    @Anon – ah, you can do the anniversaire at any point in the year, so congratulations…
    @Subversivite – I may just hold you to that

  9. […] which came in handy when we decided to eat all the pies, but I still managed to get lost in the middle of a mass bike ride […]

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