Stocking Up

It’s about that time of the year: the Rayburn is slowly sputtering its way into oblivion. We’ve spent the last week nursing it along but despite frequent shoogling of the little magic button, the temperature is gradually dropping and it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the fact that it will shortly have to be switched off for its annual aestivation while we spend the next few months reminding ourselves how to use the electric cooker and having to dry ourselves with unwarmed towels and dress ourselves in unwarmed clothes.

In truth, it’s done well to go as long as it has without the attentions of Rayburn man, and it’s not really cold enough to justify having it on, little luxuries like warmth aside. It’s a shame because there are some things it does extremely well – melting butter or chocolate, making hollandaise sauce and, especially, making stock – which is barely worth the electricity involved if you make it on the electric stove. So today, as we’ve got a bit of a backlog built up of chicken carcasses in the freezer, I cleared the fridge of whiskery carrots, a half onion, some leek tops, parmesan rinds and a couple of celery sticks and made a monster batch of stock.


Tomorrow, I’ll administer the coup de grace, and put it out of its misery and get used to a cold kitchen again. Definitely. Or maybe the day after …


4 Responses to Stocking Up

  1. subversivite says:

    ‘Aestivation’. Stop blinding us with science…

  2. disgruntled says:

    Admit it – you looked it up and now you know a new word.

  3. Charles Lock says:

    I prefer shoogling myself. Currently sitting in USA crouched over a laptop, no greenery in any direction. Country pursuits provide a vicarious escape…

  4. Bertbeerpot says:

    Had ‘estivate’ (us spelling) a couple of days ago, but ‘evitates’ was better ‘cos I could put an l on the front and score again.

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