Dare to be Bare (Headed)

So, we’ve had a bit of a phoney war last week, ASBO Buzzard and I: I’ve done it the courtesy of not daring to cycle through its territory without head protection, and it has confined its attacks to theatrical but not very close swoops on me as I pass. But the weather has been awfully hot and sticky for a felt hat, and anything with a full brim is really unsuited to cycling anyway, so today I decided to take the risk and remove my hat before I reached Buzzard Alley.

On the way out, all was well, with no sign of the buzzard at all, so as I started the return trip I was beginning to feel fairly relaxed about the whole thing – for some reason it’s much less inclined to swoop when I’m on my way home. Even when I saw the buzzard up above, I didn’t worry too much as it was way up there in the sky, barely more than a speck. It could hardly get me from there, I thought, and just as I thought it, I saw it fold its wings and deploy its talons and basically plummet towards me like vengeance in feathered form.

So yeah, even though in the end it pulled out of the dive long before it reached me, I think I’ll be sticking with the hat.


7 Responses to Dare to be Bare (Headed)

  1. Have you considered, dare I say it, a bike helmet?

  2. disgruntled says:

    I’m definitely considering getting a new tweed cap

  3. WOL says:

    Two thoughts — (1) a rider’s helmet, like they use when riding horseback — if the buzzard does get you, you’ll only feel the impact, and not get any talon or beak damage; and (2) a propeller beanie. They are a skull cap affair with a little propeller on top which is turned by the wind –in your case, the wind of your passage as you cycle along. They put up little windmills and whirligigs to keep birds off fruit and vegetables. One might keep a buzzard off your head. Don’t know where you’d get one, though, and since you’ve already got a rep (“the lady who cycles everywhere”), you may not want the additional publicity. Another thought. You may have seen those Indian or Pakistani garments that have little mirrors embroidered on. If you had a cap made out of those …. oh, right. You’d probably want sunshine for that. . . sorry.

  4. Robert Littlewood says:

    I must be a bad person My natural tendency is in favour of the (literal) underblogger, but the tiny evil contrarian in me is saying “go buzzard!”

  5. disgruntled says:

    @WOL – I think I’m already a known weirdo and a propellor beanie can’t do much more to my reputation
    @Robert. humph. Who’s side are you on anyway?

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