Back to Reality

Ah, yes, life has returned to normal once more – not only has the rain just started, but I’m back cycling on the UK’s lovely roads.* Today was my first chance to check out the state of the road to Papershop Village where I found that a week of traffic hadn’t done much to the loose chippings except to concentrate them on the edges of the road and the bends, the exact places where I might want to use my brakes in an emergency. When the road is empty it’s not so bad as I can ride in the wheel tracks of the cars, but when I encountered a minibus coming the other way just as I was coming downhill on one of the worst stretches I rapidly found myself between a (pile of loose) rock(s) and a hard place: either move over to the edge of the road and be unable to brake, or stay in the clearer middle of the road and basically be cycling head on into a minibus. Fortunately, it turns out that putting on a face of mild terror as I contemplated these two alternatives was enough to persuade the driver to pull over onto the verge until I’d passed. Sometimes, being a wuss is the only way.

Sadly, no such quarter was given by ASBO Buzzard which has regained its mojo and managed three close-enough swoops as I climbed the hill. It’s great to be back…

*If you read the comments to my last post you’ll see how lucky I am to still have this right, unlike the poor beleaguered Dutch cyclist who is forced onto smooth wide tarmacked paths. Um…

5 Responses to Back to Reality

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    I’ve never come across this method of surfacing roads in Germany. I wonder why the UK authorities seem so keen on it.

    And we too are afflicted with cycling infrastucture. In the 22km from college to our town I only have the opportunity to ride on about one and a half kilometres of fast busy road. You can imagine how much I look forward to it.

  2. Charles says:

    I suggest you buy an old telescopic radio ariel and then put something like those plastic lemons that they sell plastic lemon juice in from supermarkets. (Or the co-op in Scotland, which by the way has a very good wine range so do not think I am sneering). The ASBO buzzard will see the yellow lemon and go for that. Of course this assumes that you find an ariel that is high enough to give a safety margin above your head. You could decorate the lemon with a lifelike wig…it has to work!

    I have done New York , Botswana, Israel and Belgium in 5 weeks, and the week after next I am back in Botswana. The words ” I hate this job and all it entails” seem to be painted on the back of my eyelids….still 54 in a couple of months after that even if I get fired I can scrounge enough compo to see me through to 55….wishing ones life away eh!

  3. I hear tell, they have some very smooth roads over in Yorkshire at the moment

  4. disgruntled says:

    @Charles – I can heartily recommend quitting one’s job…
    @UHDD – at one point they were talking about the TdF coming to Bigtown. We can dream…

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