Man Up and Take the (Country) Lane

I’ve decided to try a new tactic with ASBO Buzzard as I’m not sure I relish the prospect of the increasingly outlandish headgear my readership are suggesting from the safety of the comments. After all, a buzzard, though fierce of eye and fearsome of talon, is just a bird, and not even a very big bird at that – it weighs around a kilo. Even if it struck me head on, it is hardly going to kill me, and it’s certainly not worth wearing a propeller beanie to avoid. So, as I was cycling out for the paper today I stopped when I spotted it resting on the telegraph pole that guards the entrance to Buzzard Alley, thinking I might at least get a photo of it for the blog. It immediately flew off, and I thought ‘Aha!’ Clearly this bird is all bluster but a coward at heart. Happy enough to sneak up on unsuspecting cyclists from behind, not so keen on being confronted head on.

Sadly, I had mistaken ‘flying away’ for ‘repositioning itself for better swooping opportunities’ as I then got four increasingly close passes as I pedalled up the hill, and two more on the return journey. Clearly this is a bird that in fact relishes confrontation and isn’t about to give up in its pursuit of a bicycle-free territory any time soon however much I might glare at it.

That said, I am feeling a bit more confident in my own ability to just ignore the murderous raptor and keep pedalling (although I may have shouted at it on the fourth pass which was particularly egregious). So my next plan is to try and get hold of a video camera and see if I can’t actually catch it in the act. It’s got to make a change from all those YouTube videos of cyclists arguing with taxi drivers, if nothing else, and at least a buzzard isn’t going to accuse me of not paying road tax or running red lights.

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