Half Arsed

Oh frabjous day, calloo, callay – a mere three weeks after I first complained (and by ‘complained’ I should point out that, as well as blogging, I did also write to one of my local councillors) about loose chippings on the road, they have done something about it. Well, sort of. First, of course, we had to go through the process whereby someone complains about something and the official writes back a nice patronising email explaining what the procedure is which means the complaint can’t possibly be true (in this case, allegedly, sweeping the road two and five days after surface dressing it) and then the complainant writes back, with photographs, pointing out that, never mind what the procedure might be, what has actually happened is that someone has covered the road ankle-deep in loose gravel and it is still covered in loose gravel and can they come and get rid of it please because it has now been two weeks, and only then do they actually do something about it. This is in contrast to what I keep hoping the process will be, whereby someone complains and somebody in charge immediately goes out to see if the complaint is valid and if it is, sorts it out as soon as possible while launching an inquiry to find out how it happened and then apologising profusely to the complainant while promising it will never happen again. Yeah, I know, I don’t really know why I think that might happen either.

So anyway, they have finally swept the road. Or rather, they have swept half the road – they’ve done the first stretch, but not continued half a mile further on to the much longer stretch and swept that bit. So I have written again. And maybe this time it will only be another week or so before they sweep the next bit and I can continue on my merry way with only buzzards to bother me.

Speaking of which, I thought ASBO buzzard might have given up for it was sitting on a branch just watching me almost at the top of the hill as I went past this morning. Possibly looking it in the eye and calling it a wuss and a quitter was a bit of a mistake, given that it managed to swoop twice – close enough that I could hear the wind through its feathers – before I actually topped out the climb. I really must get that head cam…


5 Responses to Half Arsed

  1. Adnerb says:

    “You have to scream till you’re blue in the mouth to get anything done…..” And to think I thought it was just Glasgow.

    I do wonder about councillors – they duifully and repeatedly just pass on the drivels churned out by officials in response to complaints, when they must know (surely they must know?) that the b******s are either completely deluded or lying in their teeth.

    Still, nil carborundum…

  2. disgruntled says:

    I presume the passing back and forth is so the councillor can (subtly) let me know that it’s the officials being useless not him, while I go through him so that he knows it’s important to at least one of his electorate… who’d be a local politician…

  3. Bob says:

    I’m pretty sure that all public representatives (councilors, and their ilk) immediately take some sort of “arrogantly stupid” pill right after being sworn into office.
    Just saying.
    Either that or they’re arrogantly stupid at the outset. Maybe we’ll do a study?

  4. Christer Hellström says:

    Re buzzard: 1 Cycling helmet (pretty much obligatory in Sweden). 2 Stout stick (Theodore Roosevelt-style).

  5. disgruntled says:

    @Bob – curiously enough I met a strangely perceptive local politician this morning… let’s see how long it lasts
    @Christer – I’m uncoordinated enough I’d likely thwack myself on the head with the stick. Although maybe that’s what the helmet is for..

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