It seems like I’ve barely unpacked my bag from last week’s trip before I’m packing again to head off tomorrow, and today was a busy day with a meeting in Bigtown with a strangely switched on local politician (I’d like to predict she’ll go far…) followed by a doctor’s appointment plus some work to do and a blog roundup to, well, round up.

In times like these, you’d think that the 50 minutes needed to cycle into town – and the 30 minutes in the opposite direction and up a major climb to the doctor’s surgery – just add to the burden of the day. And I suppose there are times when I resent the fact that I can easily spend 2 or more hours just getting around due to my insistence on combining living in the middle of nowhere with not liking to drive, although to be fair, those are mostly on the days when it’s raining.

But when the air is warm and scented, and the tarmac on the hill down from the doctor’s is smooth and freshly laid (and not loose chippings), and the only traffic is a herd of cows coming back from milking and two fighter jets ripping through the valley on their sides like something from the future, and the harebells are out in the hedgerows, and there’s time enough to get home and have a coffee on the bench with the other half, who is newly liberated from his Proper Job – then I don’t resent it at all.

There will be time enough to be busy busy busy later, after all.

6 Responses to Interlude

  1. Bob says:

    My head is beginning to spin….

  2. John Gibson says:

    I hope you needing to see a Doc is not serious.

  3. Autolycus says:

    Plus, all that cycling gives you thinking time for all those meetings and blogging…..

  4. disgruntled says:

    @Bob – I prescribe a bike ride, excellent for unspinning one’s head
    @John – by definition, if I can ride my bike to the surgery, given the hill, then it’s not serious.
    @Autolycus – you’d hope so. I’m not exactly Einstein though

  5. Keith Walters says:

    A strangely switched on local politician. I think you need to name names so that we can all marvel!

  6. disgruntled says:

    Not one of yours I’m afraid … but happy to start a bit of a ‘bidding’ wars between the parties locally 🙂

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