Gardening Leave

I’ve been having one of those days today. You know the sort, the kind that starts with your computer announcing it wants to reboot – now! – just when you’ve got up early to get something finished before an appointment which you then don’t get finished in time, because you’ve got to go and end up sitting in a waiting room for an hour – an hour! – so you’re now running doubly late so you get half way home before you remember you need to pick up milk so you have to turn back and now you’ve wasted even more time and you can’t even relax and enjoy the cycle home because even though the forecast was all sunny intervals, the reality has suddenly become heavy downpours. And I’m still theoretically having one of those days because even though I did manage to get everything done for today’s deadline, there are another two looming this week and to be honest, sitting here typing this isn’t helping.

But sometimes, especially when you have worked all weekend to get something finished and sent off only to have it greeted by an out of office reply from the person you sent it to, you’ve got to take a break. And as I was sitting having coffee on the bench my eye fell on my poor spring onions which have been sitting waiting to be planted out for weeks while I tried to find room for them in the veg plot. And as we’d finally agreed that the current batch of towering salad leaves, magnificent though they are, are becoming a bit bitter, clearly it was time to go up and get some gardening done.

towering lettuce

An hour or so later the lettuce was gone, the spring onions planted out, and I felt a little less frazzled and ready to resume my place at the grindstone.

spring onions planted out

After I’ve finished blogging this, of course…


6 Responses to Gardening Leave

  1. CJ says:

    Hideous day here too, involving a trip to the vet’s and an enormous boiler-related bill, for a boiler that was installed at great expense only 18 months ago. Not too bad as a one-off day, but honestly, I keep on having days like this and I’ve had enough. Glad you managed a little therapeutic gardening though, I pulled out my lettuces the other day too. I do hope the rest of your week is far more satisfactory. CJ xx

  2. Bob says:

    You know, there is some way of changing those settings so that the wretched computer actually does things that YOU want it to. Mind you, I usually have to look it up, but there *is* a way.
    Hope tomorrow is better for you. 🙂

  3. Charles Lock says:

    Heartily approve of your priorities. Sitting in Africa once again, doing my lifetimne’s best speed at rushing to wait.

  4. Flighty says:

    The slugs and snails and snails ate all my lettuces at soon as they showed above ground. xx

  5. commuterjohn says:

    I was going to reply earlier but that would have only continued your rushed day so I left it until now……
    Technology has made the world smaller and sadly Scotland is only a second away from anywhere by email, so it’s even more important to find chill out time and turning on the computer as soon as you get up is not the answer.

  6. disgruntled says:

    Thanks for all the comments … deadline hell is now over, thankfully, let normal blogging service resume

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