The New Black

I’m sure there are sound reasons – ecological, botanical or even entomological – why the whites, yellows and creams of the hedgerows should shift in August to something closer to shocking pink…

campion knap_weed willow_herb august_flower_2 august_flower august_flower_3

Not everything, of course


But it is striking.


4 Responses to The New Black

  1. Anonymous says:

    Some distant uni memory tells me it’s to do with changing wavelengths, and insect vision relating to type of insects foraging at the time of year and here are some pretty pics of what insects might be seeing.

  2. John Gibson says:

    Nice pic’s. The yellow one looks like it’s just been painted.

  3. Charles says:

    Your usual contributors seem a little lazy today. It was great to see these pictures while I was in Botswana, a refreshing view of a hedgerow in full bloom. Keep up the good work.

  4. disgruntled says:

    @Anonymous – yes, I had a feeling it was something to do with insect life. or something
    @John – buttercups are fab, aren’t they?
    @Charles – I’m sure there are equally attractive sights to be seen in Botswana. I seem to remember the birds there were pretty cool

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