Hotting Up

This week I have:

  • Discussed how the last BBC #indyref debate went with in a pub with a poet and an artist (they felt Mr Salmond had won it but as they were wearing one ‘aye’ and two ‘yes’ badges between them they may not have been entirely disinterested in the matter)
  • Discussed with several cyclists over breakfast this morning how the local TV debate had gone (they felt the ‘nos’ had won it as the Yes side were merely making speeches without answering the questions)
  • Swapped flyers with a radical indy chap (I was publicising our bike breakfast, he was campaigning for a better world; I said that one the whole while I liked the idea of a radical independence I thought what we were likely to get was a rather conservative one, he suggested we get independence first and build the Scotland we want later)
  • Discussed how the independence campaign generally was going with an extremely well-spoken chap I met on the way home as he was diligently picking up litter from the verges, something he has done every week, he tells me, everywhere he has lived for the last 50 years (he felt Darling had the best lines at the last debate and didn’t feel just going it alone for the heck of it and seeing what happened was the wisest course).

This week I have not:

  • Got any further making up my own mind – indeed I have noticed that I have a tendency to want to vote the opposite way to the last person I have spoken to on the matter, and the more firmly they have made up their minds, the stronger this effect is.

I think it’s safe to say I’ll be having many more conversations on the matter over the next 20-odd days …


3 Responses to Hotting Up

  1. stcleve says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I’m still a completely undecided or maybe I’m not. I don’t know.
    If the ‘no’ speakers kept their mouth shut I’d stay in the UK. So maybe I’ve made my mind up? I’ve still days to decide 🙂

  2. disgruntled says:

    Perhaps we “mibbes” need to get together and thrash it out between us. If the polls are anything to go by, we’re the ones who will swing it…

  3. […] still haven’t made up my mind yet (I’m doing my homework though) but if I were David Cameron and I really wanted to save the […]

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