You know, I did wake up this morning wondering if I shouldn’t just have a quick glance at the village show schedule to see if there wasn’t something I could enter after all (we’d have absolutely walked last year’s novelty salt and pepper set wildcard, with our elaborate French feathered clockwork cruets on wheels), but I’d had an early start yesterday and by the time I was up and coffeed and showered and breakfasted this morning, let alone in a fit state to consider village show entries, I had missed the cutoff time for putting in the entries and so I didn’t bother.

So it was only this afternoon that I discovered that, not only did the village show actually have a comedy vegetable category, but that only one person had bothered to enter it.*

oddest shaped vegetable

I think you’ll agree that when it comes to oddly-shaped vegetables, a forked carrot is as nothing to my mutant potato

monstrous potato

And in other years, I wouldn’t just have won, I’d have absolutely smashed it.

Next year. I swear, next year.

I did have fun giving people goes on my Brompton though.

* Not only that, but there were no entries at all for the Heaviest Onion prize. I could have walked it. Indeed, I could even have won with my spring onions, which have rather got away from me this year and are magnificent. Some of them might even be heavier than my actual onions

2 Responses to Robbed

  1. Anonymous says:

    A good if rather rude entry with the carrot, but it cannot compare to the spud. Surely there must be a way to preserve it until next year.
    If not you must pray to the weather gods.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Too late, we just ate it (it was delicious)

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