Due Diligence

Operation Muck Spreader commenced today (while I can still wield a shovel) but first I had to re-dig the early potato beds because no matter how thoroughly you dug them over, there are always potatoes left lurking in there.

bonus potatoes

I do realise that this will make absolutely no difference to the number of stray potato plants that will emerge next spring of course – I’m pretty sure I could excavate the whole patch with a JCB and sieve the soil before putting it back and there would still be stray potato plants next spring – but it did provide the spuds for tonight’s supper (random veg frittata, if you’re wondering).

I also started preparing the latest outpost of my vegetable empire, the greenhouse, with one sad discovery. I hope it was a quick end from flying into a pane of glass (which would make it Birds 1, Greenhouse 1 for the year) and not a lingering one from being trapped inside.

dead swallow

For the rest of the veg plot, I’ll have to wait until the veg is finished with it…

September veg plot


One Response to Due Diligence

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    I’m off to dig up spuddies today. Here’s hoping the slughs/bugs/birds haven’t got to there first. Ah, the joys of organic allotments…

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