Hop Off You Frog

Being part three of an occasional series in which I usher common British herpetofauna off the road for their own safety…

I almost ran this one over, as it was sitting right where I was about to cycle, looking like a clump of organic matter, of which we have an abundance on the surface of our roads at the moment. At the last moment I realised it was a large frog and swerved and then went back to have a look and try and encourage it to sit somewhere which didn’t have vehicles driving along it at regular if not exactly frequent intervals.

common frog

It was quite reluctant to move at first – I did wonder if it was actually dead, until I got my phone out to take a picture and it decided enough was enough and hopped off, meaning my road safety duties were at least less prolonged than last time. Why it couldn’t do that with a bicycle bearing down on it, I have no idea. But then we already knew the frogs around here had no road sense whatsoever.

fennel bulb

In other news, I have apparently successfully grown some fennel, although it’s only now that I realise I should have been earthing it up (and some has bolted). Send recipes. Bearing in mind that we’ve only got the one …


9 Responses to Hop Off You Frog

  1. Robert Littlewood says:

    I think a good general rule for home or wild produce is to add the word “gin” and see if it’s plausible. E.g. Blackberry gin sounds like it would work, turnip gin, maybe not. Fennel gin sounds almost on the edge of possibility.
    We make prawn and fennel risotto, which is nice, but I find that, after cooking, the fennel always comes out blander than you would expect from the smell. Of course that may not apply to lovingly neglected home grown fennel.

  2. I think that frog’s actually a toad.

  3. Sue greig says:

    Fennel has been a triumph this year but I suspect it will be bolting like mad by the time we get back. Oh hum.

  4. Bob says:

    Hm. Nigel beat me to the toad remark. But at least you didn’t run him over. Would have been messy.

  5. disgruntled says:

    I’m pretty sure it is a frog because it hopped rather than walked and was much smoother than the toads I see. It was big for a frog though

    Fennel gin sounds good….

  6. disgruntled says:

    More seriously, this looks good too

  7. Charles says:

    Fennel and scallop risotto also add a dash of Pernod….

  8. Lolablogger says:

    Fennel is great if roasted – concentrates the flavour nicely.

  9. disgruntled says:

    Hmm. Maybe roasted with a dash of Pernod?

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