For Idle Hands to Do

On a day when it’s too sunny to be indoors doing useful things on the computer, but when I’m still not really recovered enough to be doing anything useful outside …

wool re-winding

… untangling and rewinding some wool to restart a long-suspended but not entirely forgotten knitting project seems just useful enough to keep me from attempting anything that’s going to bust my stitches, although I do realise that it’s barely one step above wicker unravelling in the hierarchy of occupational therapies. Plus I’ve had a literary magazine to fold …

Fankle 21

That and a succession of visits and/or calls from friends and neighbours (not to mention twitter) have been keeping me sane and preventing me from doing all the things I keep threatening to do (such as walk back from the village after the Macmillan coffee morning this morning…) that have left the poor old other half running interference on me for the last three days.

Tomorrow I shall be busy, but I have promised to do most of it sitting down.

Next week, I would have been climbing the walls, if it weren’t for the fact that that’s probably verboten too.


4 Responses to For Idle Hands to Do

  1. bob says:

    Even though I strongly suspect it is NOT IN YOUR NATURE, you really need to take it easy. For at least a few more days. Along with “no lifting” for a few weeks. Really. I’ve heard of at least one lady who couldn’t contain her ambitions and ended up having to be stitched up again.
    It’s worse the second time I was told.

  2. Viviane says:

    Nice knitting !

  3. Yay for Macmillan coffee mornings. (although I’m very thankful not to be in charge of the tombola this year. So stressful…. )

  4. disgruntled says:

    @Bob – I’ve been doing my best although you’re right, it’s not really in my nature. I’m probably just worried the world will discover it can get along fine without me
    @Viviane – thanks, although it’s been sadly neglected of late
    @UHDD – I just go along and partake, so far I’ve avoided having to do anything, thankfully

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